How to Prevent Neck Pain

Updated on April 20, 2021

Neck pain is a very common problem. Statistics show that around 1 in 3 people struggle with a period of neck pain at least once a year, and it’s an issue that can affect individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, as there are many different causes and contributing factors that can lead to the development of aches and pains around the neck.

Pain in the neck can be caused by poor posture, for example, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It can also be caused by accidents and injuries that might occur on the road, at home, or while playing sports. Then, there are many health conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and spondylosis, which can also contribute to neck pain.

Given that neck pain is so frequent, it can almost feel like an inevitability, but there are ways in which you can take action to be kinder to your neck and better protect it against aches and pains later in life. Of course, if you already have neck pain, speaking with doctors and specialists is key to identify and treat the cause, but this guide will cover some simple daily tips you can use to avoid this pain in the first place.

Improve Your Posture

One of the biggest issues of neck pain is poor posture, and this is something of a major problem in modern times, as a lot of people spend lots of time craning their neck to look down at a smartphone screen or sitting uncomfortably at their working desks for hours on end every single day. These kinds of sitting and standing positions can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the neck.

It’s highly recommended, therefore, to try and improve your posture in order to improve your neck health. This means making sure to sit up straight in chairs, with your spine and neck against the support at the back of the chair, as well as standing straight and using core strength to maintain a healthy posture while walking around.

Regular Exercise

Following on from the previous point, it’s also clear to see that regular exercise can be of great importance in terms of improving neck health. Firstly, exercise will help you to keep your weight under control, which can help to alleviate pressure on the neck and spine. It can also assist with building the strength and stamina you need to maintain a good posture.

Specialized stretches and exercises can also be used to actually target the muscles around the neck, strengthening them overtime to help the neck stay healthy. This can be of great benefit over the years, as having stronger neck muscles can help to protect you against injuries and health conditions that may lead to neck pain.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Many people have their preferred sleeping position, either on the front, side or back. Your sleeping position is important to consider if you find yourself dealing with neck pain, as certain positions are considered to be healthier and more supportive for the back and neck, while others can be more risky for these parts of the body.

In general, it’s accepted by experts that sleeping on the front is the worst possible option for neck health, and it’s common for front sleepers to experience aches and pains in the neck. Sleeping on your back is much better for your neck, so try to gradually make this adjustment over time, if you can. A new mattress or more comfortable pillows might be able to help.

Helpful Accessories and Items

Following on from the previous point, it’s worth noting that there are certain accessories and products you can consider buying to improve neck health. For starters, a new mattress might be a good option, as certain mattresses are specially designed to provide support for key zones around the body, including the neck, back, and shoulders.

New pillows can also be of assistance, and orthopedic experts often recommend special pillows to patients with neck pain. You might also consider a neck collar or travel pillow to wrap around your neck while traveling or even while working, as this can help to provide comfort and support for the neck muscles throughout the day.

Final Word 

The neck is a very important part of your body, having to deal with a lot of pressure and strain each day. Anything you can do to help it can provide real, tangible benefits in the long term, so it’s certainly wise to consider making some changes and adjusting your lifestyle to be kinder to your neck each day.

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