How to manage stress as a healthcare professional

Updated on June 2, 2021

Being a healthcare professional can certainly be extremely stressful due to many high-paced and intense healthcare jobs. So, it is not surprising or uncommon for those who work in the healthcare industry to develop stress. This is because common causes of stress include:

  • Being put under lots of pressure- as a healthcare professional, you will likely be able to appreciate that there is a lot of pressure placed on you because of your job. Since the job involves taking care of others, the pressure is heightened as the health, and sometimes even life, of another is in your hands. 
  • Worrying a lot about something- as a healthcare professional, you will also likely have 101 things on your mind to worry about. 
  • Not having control (or much) of the outcome of a situation- at the end of the day, you cannot control everything. So, while you may try your hardest to control a situation (e.g., the health of a patient), sometimes there is nothing you can do to gain full control. 
  • Times where things are uncertain- Things are sometimes very uncertain regarding healthcare as you do not know what path or route a situation will take. 

So, it is rather safe to say and assume that you will at some point experience stress if you are in the field of healthcare. Therefore, this article aims to give you important tips on how to better handle and manage stress if you are working in healthcare. 

Take care and prioritize your own health! 

Since you are used to taking care of others all day, day in and day out, it may be easy for you to forget that you have health needs too. So, while it is important to do your job, you must not neglect your own health. If you can, try to exercise regularly, sleep well, and eat healthily. You may not have the time to do all these things all the time and with consistency at first. However, progress will be made eventually if you make just a few changes to your daily routines and lifestyle. For example, you can simply start off by exercising for 5 mins every morning before you start getting ready for the day. If you cannot spare 5 minutes in the morning, try either waking up 5 minutes earlier to fit the exercise in your schedule or try to fit it in at some other point in the day which is more suitable for you. Also, you could try eating one healthy meal per day and eventually build it up to three. 

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Stay organized 

If you want to manage stress better, you must be able to stay on top of things. If you have everything under control (or at least to the best of your ability), it is less likely that you will be stressed. To achieve this, you must be organized and plan well. 

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