How to Manage Clutter and Increase Space in Your House

Updated on May 5, 2020

Are you working on getting your dream home? It is one of life’s milestones. By now, you should be out on the market, searching for a parcel of land. Daybreak, Utah is a city you can check out for this. You will surely find a community where you feel welcome and secure. Getting that down is just half of the story, though. It ultimately leads to the building process, and once that is done, you will get to enjoy the fruit of your labors.

Owning a house will initially be a clean and enjoyable experience. But later on, you will slowly see some clutter in different places. That may be the point when you start to get bothered with what you see. But do not worry; you can take on this challenge. You can manage and maximize the spaces around your house.

Invest in Containers

One of the reasons clutter exists is that some people perceive open spaces as places where you can drop anything in. When you are living with kids, you will inevitably encounter toys and other stuff that are scattered on the floor. But even adults commit the same fault. There is no shortage of dirty clothes and shoes in random places in your home.

A great way to combat this is to invest in decent-looking containers. To be effective, they should be put in strategic places. The ease in which they can be accessed should rival the temptation to drop stuff on the floor. For the kids, it can be an open box that has a playful and colorful design. It would hopefully be something that would attract their attention and let them make the realization that that is where they can place their toys.

For the grownups, you can place a large hamper near or in the area where they usually dump their clothes. Once they see how neat the place is with it, they will never go back to being sloppy.

Wall Space

Most of the shelves and cabinets in the house are placed or fixed in certain areas. You will still have some empty walls around your home. There are ways you can utilize this as storage space. You can make floating shelves or install hanging cabinets, all well above the eye level. Building it this way makes it safe enough for others to not bump their heads in and, at the same time, still within an arm’s reach. Just make sure you have them adequately reinforced and be mindful of how heavy the items are that you will place there. Aside from providing space, these can double as a design piece for the wall.


You may see this element as that void that lies beneath your stairs, but you can give it a purpose. The space here can be large enough for various tools that you use around the house, like brooms and vacuum cleaners. You can make it more presentable by closing it off with a small door. That will give the area a cleaner look.

If the space is not large enough, you can instead build some shelves in it. That is a better solution because that area has the potential to be wasted space. Building some structure into it will make it known to the others that it has a valuable purpose.

These are some of the things that can help reduce clutter and give your house interiors a cleaner aesthetic. You do not have to throw stuff around because it all boils down to how they are arranged or put in place.

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