How to Make the Most of Your Condo Space

Updated on August 28, 2023

So you’ve decided to move to a condo. Whether you’re newlyweds looking for your first home together or a young professional about to live solo for the first time, the condo life can be incredibly exciting. More importantly, many condominium projects across Metro Manila boast amenities absent in single-family homes such as round-the-clock security, swimming pools, and gyms.

With more and more projects breaking ground across the metro, including new pre-selling condos along Katipunan and other burgeoning urban centers, the condo life is becoming more accessible and convenient for young couples, professionals, and students. However, unlike your average single-family home, condo units have limited room to offer, which can make it more challenging to design your space around your needs. City living usually means compact living.

Just because it’s small, however, doesn’t mean it’s not manageable. You can still have a comfortable and stylish home with your limited space. Here are a few ways to make the most of your condo life:

1. Don’t buy things you don’t need

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your condo from becoming too crowded: Stop buying stuff. It’s easier said than done, but clutter can quickly add up, and before you know it, you’ll be drowning in tchotchkes and other barely used items. Remember your mom’s cabinet full of angel figurines? Yeah, you don’t want that.

If you simply can’t resist the urge to buy new things, here’s one workaround: For every item you buy, you have to throw away or donate another. That way, no new space is used, and you’re more mindful of the things you purchase. Easy peasy.

2. Use full-size furniture

With space at a premium, you might be tempted to buy compact furniture. Don’t. It might seem illogical, but small furniture is the last thing your condo needs. For one, small pieces will make your condo seem smaller. Choosing larger pieces and a little bit of creative positioning will make your space look more airy and organized.

3. One wall to rule them all

Sometimes, stuff and clutter just can’t be avoided. Students and bookworms usually have loads of books. Hobbyists need space for whatever it is they collect. Some people still insist on having dozens of photo albums and picture frames. If that’s the case, focus all the stuff on one wall or corner of your condo.

For instance, you can have one big bookcase to hold everything that you hold near and dear, freeing up the rest of your space for other items. That way, your clutter isn’t spread all over the condo, taking up space that could be better used.

4. Use your walls

Like it or not, you have more vertical space than floor space. So make the most of it. Instead of a bookcase, you can opt for a wall cabinet. Wall storage spaces allow you to save floor space for other furniture like that chaise lounge you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t find room for.

It doesn’t matter how small your condo is as long as you plan and use it creatively. Comfort and functionality need not be sacrificed in the name of city living. By following these suggestions, you’ll be sure to make the most of your limited condo space.

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