How To Make Life Better For Your Loved One With Kidney Disease

Updated on January 22, 2021

When diagnosed with kidney disease, many people might fall into depression or stress from worrying over their condition. Kidney related diseases might be fatal in later stages. However, with proper treatment and constant care, the patient’s condition can get much better. Here are ways to help cheer up the kidney disease patient you know and love.

Best Gifts For Kidney Disease Patients

If you want to give encouragement to someone you know who has been diagnosed with kidney disease, these gifts would be perfect to send your message:

  1. Kidney Awareness Apparel

There’s no better way to say that you care about the kidney patient than buying any kidney disease awareness merchandise. This not only gives other people information about the condition, but also lets the patient show their resilience in fighting this battle.

A kidney disease awareness shirt from Hyperfavor will certainly do the job. Choose a shirt designed with meaningful quotes or positive images to be a meaningful gift for your special person.

  1. Cozy socks and mittens

A kidney patient would love to have some warmth and comfort in their daily activities. Get them some lovely knitted items such as socks or mittens to keep their hands and feet properly heated. You can definitely buy these from any store, but it would be even more thoughtful if you knit them by yourself. 

Also, make sure to check that these items are soft enough so as not to irritate the patient’s sensitive skin.

  1. A blanket

Similar to other warming accessories, a soft and comfy blanket will definitely let the kidney disease patient relax. The condition usually comes with insomnia and fatigue, so the better quality of sleep the patient gets, the better. You may also opt for some weighted blankets, which are wonderful in reducing stress and improving sleep quality.

  1. Essential oils

Aromatherapy is surely an amazing discovery – there is real science behind how scents can have positive effects on our mind and body. Getting essential oils will help any sick patient find comfort and relaxation. Some special scents can even directly help reduce the symptoms of kidney disease.

The recommended scents to get as gifts for kidney patients are ginger, which reduces the nausea many of them may feel, or lavender which can calm their mind.

Best Ways To Lift Up A Kidney Patient’s Mood

Cook them a delicious, healthy meal

There are a lot of limitations for kidney patients for what they can and cannot eat. Most of the time, they have to stick with boring foods with little to no flavor. You can thus do your research of which food is beneficial to the patient’s condition, and cook up a nice meal for you two to enjoy together. This will surely cheer them up and let them see how much you care about them.

Go on a trip together

How about freeing the patient’s mind by taking them on a trip to a place surrounded by nature? They will undoubtedly appreciate a change of air and scenery once in a while. The fun and positive experience will let them find enjoyment in life, and give them the motivation to never give up fighting their disease.

Book a therapy session for them

To reduce depression or stress build-up, you can let your loved one who has kidney disease enjoy a therapeutic massage or relaxing spa day. This can certainly help the patient find relief from their daily struggle with the illness. By receiving massage or acupuncture, their body also feels less pain.

Accompany them during checkups 

It’s so simple, yet can make the patient feel they’re loved and encouraged. Checkups can be scary sometimes, since no one wants to hear that their treatment is not making any progress or their condition is getting worse. This makes it even more important to have someone by the patient’s side, to encourage and console them when they need it the most.

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