How to Live With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Updated on April 29, 2019
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There is nothing as frustrating as waking up tired day in day out even though you know you haven’t been working so hard in the recent past. This condition, in the medical arena, is referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In most cases, the fatigue may worsen with activity but won’t go away after mainstream resting.

The fact that the condition is so crippling pushes a huge percentage of people into looking for chronic fatigue treatment experts in Logan to make them understand and contain the situation. Here are some other things you can do to live a better life with CFS.

Pace Yourself

Since your fatigue increases with physical activity, pacing yourself is a great way to strike a balance you can live with. The will be good days and bad days. Avoiding overexertion during the good day ensures that you won’t be fatigued the following day.

Pacing is a great way to take control of the ‘boom and bust’ cycle by ensuring that you don’t fall very low a day following high energy level sessions.

Monitor Yourself with Symptoms Diary

Symptoms diary is a great way to find out what makes your body tick. Keep track of what you did before a high fatigue day or what you do to wake up strong and motivated. The diary will be a record-keeping tool that will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

You can use the diary to pace yourself or avoid things that guarantee a bad day or share it with your physician to help him, or her come up with the best treatment regime for your CFS.

Eat Healthily

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A healthy diet will make your body healthier and improve your overall strength levels. You should, however, focus on foods that release their energy slowly. Foods like peas and beans will give you steady energy reserves for longer compared to sugar and starches that will bump up your energy shortly.

Keep a diary of what you eat and the effects it has on your energy levels. You can use this diary to figure out what food works best for you and twist your meal plan to consume more of that food.

Do Away With stress Triggers

Stress is harmful even to people who don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome. Stress exhausts you mentally and will keep your mind preoccupied hence tiring you more.

Avoiding simple stress triggers in your life and dealing with stress as soon as possible boosts your energy levels considerably. Get a couple of stress management tricks and figure out which one calms you down as soon as possible after you have been triggered.

With the medical jury still out on what causes chronic fatigue, the best shot you have to maintain the condition and to live a productive life is finding the little tricks that make you more energetic throughout the day. Don’t forget to get a physician who specializes in the condition and focus on enlightening people around you so that they can be more accommodative.

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