How to Leverage Your NextGen Software Tool to Increase Efficiency

Updated on January 26, 2021

By the end of the day, many physicians find billing and administrative tasks to be more taxing than actually providing medical care. If this describes you or your staff, even after implementing enterprise practice management (EPM) software, it may mean you aren’t using the software to its maximum potential. 

The NextGen EPM System was designed to help medical providers achieve their business goals and manage finances so they can focus on what’s most important—patient care. 

Using a medical practice management system such as NextGen dramatically reduces time spent on administrative tasks. However, if your organization doesn’t fully understand its features and functions, the software may not help achieve maximum productivity. To truly optimize the benefits of having the software, consider the following ways NextGen can improve management at your organization: 

Streamline Scheduling & Registration

All physicians have difficulty keeping up with high call volume. Regardless of the number of calls you receive and when you receive them, you want to provide a quality patient experience to each caller. To combat this issue, you not only have to improve your response times, but you also have to reduce wait times. 

The last thing patients want is having to wait on the phone to book an appointment. Most people prefer scheduling online at their own convenience. NextGen offers advanced patient scheduling tools that can be configured around your specific calendar needs. 

You can also use software to improve your check-in and checkout processes. Flexible and centralized, NextGen tools make it easier to register patients and capture all their data, including medical history, insurance information, demographics, and HIPAA privacy notices all in one place. Registration fields are customizable, and you can even scan insurance cards and store the information. 

In addition, NextGen software makes it easier to enter charges, correct claim errors, collect outstanding balances, and produce electronic receipts. You can also use the software to schedule follow-up appointments and put patients on recall plans. 

Reduced Denials & Faster Payments

Duplicate billing, incorrect codes, incomplete or inaccurate information– any of these issues can lead to an insurance claim denial. These errors are typically the result of manual claim processing. 

An estimated 20 percent of claims get denied upon their first submissions. It takes a lot of time and resources to access and analyze claim denial data. Thankfully, NextGen software can help avoid these instances and adjudicate rates. NextGen software makes the following processes fast and simple: 

  • Creating, processing, sending, and even adjudicating claims through the software
  • Automating tasks related to claim processing and management
  • Identifying errors and omissions in claims before submitting them electronically
  • Configuring the system to alert claims specialist so issues can be resolved faster
  • Accessing data that can help with analyzing, preventing, and managing denials

Improve Overall Productivity

Due to the high demand for medical care, almost every practice has difficulties when it comes to providing patients the most efficient care possible. However, simply spending money on new technology doesn’t fix the problem. Purchasing and improperly adopting software can even slow productivity. 

However, when properly implemented and customized to your organization’s unique workflow, the benefits of a NextGen system can take your clinic and other medical facilities to the next level. The software impacts overall productivity by:

  • Making it easier to access data – Being web-based, you can use NextGen to access information at any time and from anywhere using any device. 
  • Automating time-consuming tasks – Highly scalable, the software can be integrated with any of your existing systems to achieve your goals in the easiest and the fastest manner. 
  • Reducing errors and delays – Apart from supporting your unique billing requirements, NextGen Enterprise PM can also help identify any errors in claims early on.
  • Improving decision-making – By providing customized real-time reports, it helps businesses monitor processes and gain access to all the information needed to make critical decisions. 

Make the Most of NextGen

As new technology makes life simpler with amenities like online shopping and entertainment streaming, it follows that advanced software should be used and optimized to improve services as important as health care. To better serve your patients, and to make your job easier, leverage all the capabilities of your EPM software. 

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