How To Know If You’re Ready For a Hair Transplant

Updated on January 29, 2021

Hair is an essential part of identity. Lack of it can lower your self-esteem and cause you anxiety. There’s no worse thing than realizing that your hair is thinning because it’ll affect your personality and other aspects of your life.

Fortunately, you can go for a hair transplant surgery to replace your lost hair and restore your natural appearance. Before making this decision, you should identify some signs. This article explains signs that show you need a hair transplant.


Women and men may experience hair loss after puberty. If you’re still relatively young and are already dealing with premature balding, it may be time to visit a hair transplant surgeon. 

However, most experienced surgeons recommend that you wait until you’re 30 years and above. That’s because determining the pattern and shape that your new hair will take may be difficult until your balding has matured. There’s no doubt that a hair transplant can help restore your hair if you’re above 30 years. So, waiting until that age may be worth it.

You Lack Enough Donor Hair

You should consider a hair transplant if you have enough amounts of hair at the back and sides of your head to be used as grafts. Men experience various baldness patterns, and a good way of identifying if you’re a good candidate is to measure your baldness level on the Norwood scale. You’ll receive good results if your baldness falls between 3 and 6.

You’re Not Responding To Hair Loss Medications

Hair transplant surgeons always recommend surgery as a last option and may offer various treatments to prevent hair loss. Some medicines like finasteride and minoxidil can reduce the rate of hair loss and may even encourage new strands to grow in some individuals. 

However, if you’ve been taking these meds for many years, you may have started noticing that they’re becoming less effective. To avoid experiencing the side effects of these treatments, go for a hair transplant. Your surgeon should help you make this decision based on the examination they perform on your scalp.

You’re Tired Of Wearing Wigs, Scarves, And Hats

If your wardrobe or closet is full of scarves, hats, and wigs that you use to hide your hair loss from others, it may be time to go for a hair transplant. Hiding hair loss from others is a sign of low self-esteem and may lead to stress, anxiety, and other conditions. 

Some people also hide their heads because they don’t want to see their bald’s unsightly reflection in the store’s window. A successful hair transplant surgery can help you gain back your hair and walk among your friends and family members confidently. 

You’ve Had A Bald For About Five Years

If your hair has been thinning for the past five years and you’ve been trying to use medication to reduce the loss in vain, you should go for surgery. Hair loss happens gradually, and most surgeons recommend that you wait until your bald advances before going for a transplant. That’s because it’s easy to understand the pattern your hair loss is taking if you have mature bald.

Summing Up

If you’ve checked most of these signs, it may be time to contact a hair transplant surgeon.

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