How to Get Rid of Ringing In Ears Naturally For Better Sleep

Updated on September 18, 2020

Commonly referred to as ‘tinnitus’, ear ringing is a condition that one may become a victim to from time to time. For most people, their eyes may produce a light buzzing noise when exposed to high volumes or sounds. The ringing in this case comes from cochlea. Frequent exposure to loud volumes can lead to persistent problems in the cochlea’s nerve activity. Chronic ear ringing is known as tinnitus and can cause much frustration and difficulty for the person facing it.

Whether one is a long-term patient of tinnitus, or just has brief instances of it, there are solutions that they can utilize for betterment. Various natural home-remedies may even be used for this purpose as they provide relief on par with alternative methodologies. Sonus complete tinnitus supplement by Gregory Peters is one such method. We will discuss more in this article. 

In some cases, underlying causes or other ailments may be the reason behind one’s tinnitus. When this happens, professional assistance may be the ideal decision. However, before going to a doctor, one can attempt certain home-based solutions to see if they are of use. 

Locate the Cause of Your Tinnitus

Certain studies have indicated that tinnitus may get reinforced due to one’s actions and habits. Foods, smoking and sometimes pre-existing ailments can not only produce but also embolden the effects of tinnitus. Headaches and nausea are often linked alongside tinnitus. Same is the case with infections – particularly those in one’s ears.

In some cases, certain foods are said to be the cause behind a particularly long period of ear ringing. In case this happens, it is recommended to avoid eating these trigger foods as much as possible. Foods that have been known for causing excessive amounts of tinnitus are:

  • Drinks containing caffeine, including colas, sodas, energy drinks and coffee 
  • Alcohol
  • Certain medications and aspirin 

In addition to these foods, certain activities have been known to increase one’s tinnitus’ severity. Smoking is one such activity that negatively affects one’s tinnitus in two major ways. The first is that it disrupts one’s blood flow which can cause issues for one’s nerve cells. These cells are responsible behind hearing, and thus, one may have a prolonged session of ringing after smoking. Smoking is also a stimulant, and can embolden the sounds in one’s ears. Thus, even miniscule volumes can begin to sound louder.

Loud sounds and volumes are also known for producing tinnitus. If one is exposed to an environment with excessive sound pollution, they should consider investing in ear-protection equipment. This is the ideal solution that can ensure prolonged health of one’s ear nerves.

Listening to music with headphones at loud volumes can also cause tinnitus to briefly flare up. While this may be temporary at first, doing so repeatedly can cause damage to one’s internal ear parts, and can result in chronic tinnitus. One should definitely take precautionary measures and limit their usage of headphones and similar devices. 

Natural Remedies to Try Out

Finding the source and diminishing that activity is only one part of the puzzle. The other part is taking proactive steps to reduce existing ringing. While there are a number of medications available for this purpose, most people are looking for an affordable, natural solution. This is because it is simply not viable to take a short at a potential solution, if that means having to deal with an abundance of side-effects. One natural solution that people may try is sonus complete tinnitus.

Sonus Complete by Gregory Peters is a potent supplement for ringing in ears that taps into the potential of natural ingredients for reducing tinnitus.

Some simple and quick solutions that one can do in the comfort of their home include:

  • Listen to soothing and relaxing sounds. This may sound like a simple solution; however, it is a viable solution. Tinnitus tends to flare up in loud environments. And thus, switching to a more calming and peaceful one can help to reduce its severity. That said, one may not always have access to the ability to switch from a loud location to a calming one. For this purpose, noise cancelling headphones or other such ear protection equipment may be effective. They can help simulate a quiet environment and give one the peace their ears desire.
  • Clear up Ear Wax. Sometimes tinnitus can occur due to some underlying conditions, and excessive ear wax is one such. Louds amount of ear wax can cause one to hear ringing in their ears. Removing it through a safe methodology can assist one in reducing the symptoms. 
  • Meditation. Meditation is another method of reducing tinnitus periods. They can help relax the brain and give the ears time to enjoy silence and serenity. One may feel periods of anxiety and stress on a daily basis. This level of stress can cause their blood circulation to fasten, thus leading to disruption in blood flow, and thus, tinnitus to rise in amount. To treat this problem, meditation is a viable option. Things such as yoga or Tai-chi are options to consider. 
  • Ensure Proper Sleep. Fatigue can cause symptoms of tinnitus to get worse. More often than not, people deprive themselves of sleep. This causes the symptoms of tinnitus to flare up – further causing them to be devoid of any rest and peace. Making a schedule and avoiding staying up late in the night can allow one to ensure that their body is properly rested to face the challenges of every day. For deep sleep, you can read John Barban resurge reviews.
  • Consider Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy is a method of calming one’s ears and nerves through the production of various calming noises. There are various apps that allow users to easily do this – many of which are even free! Thus, one can effectively gain access to premium quality content without having to worry about costs. Playing these sounds on a consistent basis can aid in the reduction of tinnitus. 


That said, while these solutions are effective for some, they are not always the go-to. If the situation is persistent and the above mentioned techniques have not been of aid, it is worthwhile to consider getting professional assistance. In some cases, other conditions can actually be the real cause behind one’s tinnitus. Thus, if one truly wishes to remain clear of tinnitus, they need to be able to treat these problems first. Thyroid disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes are among the most notable ailments that can cause tinnitus to get worse. 

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