How to Find Sober Living in Venice Beach

Updated on May 9, 2022

Have you been looking for Venice Beach sober living? It’s possible that you are ready to experience the best of Venice Beach sober living and an intensive rehabilitation program that gives people the power and tools to rebuild their lives. Maybe you have been looking around for a while for the right place, but haven’t been able to find exactly what you are looking for. And maybe you have been looking at all of the Venice Beach sober living options and you just aren’t sure what is best for you or maybe someone that you care about. You may want a place that offers the most opportunity for one to rebuild their life and learn how they can take the lifestyle of sober living back into their lives after they leave. Knowing how to find Venice Beach sober living and what to look for can benefit you or someone else who is ready to experience the freedom and comfort that sober living can offer. 

Community is Crucial 

When looking for Venice Beach sober living, it is absolutely crucial to look for places that have ample community for people going for addiction recovery. Having a safe and supportive space with people who are also pursuing sobriety often helps one excel in treatment programs and working towards their goals. Being paired with people who share similar interests, goals, backgrounds, stories, and passions gives a sense of community and affirmation from people instead of feeling isolated and alone in one’s addiction story. Knowing that there are people who can relate and understand helps one learn how to have healthy relationships and keep these connections with the people they meet even outside of the facility itself.

A Physical Regime 

With physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of the body being all connected, having a physical routine that takes care of the body is an important contribution to help one with addiction recovery. Finding sober living with an exercise schedule and nutritional meals help fuel the body and create disciplines for other areas of life. Being right next to the beach, oftentimes people a part of the sobriety hub go for runs on the beach or go swimming in the ocean to enjoy the refreshing aspects of nature and the beautiful ocean views while giving their body the exercise it needs. Some places even offer dance therapy and yoga in order to provide your body with the physical activity it needs to thrive in a recovery setting and even beyond once you leave that setting too.

Rebuilding the Lifestyle 

When someone decides they are ready to rebuild their life and enjoy the freedom of sober living, it may be easier when they are in a facility and away from their normal environment. However, when going back to their friends, family, and maybe a career, they may find some of these things triggering and may even find themselves relapsing. When finding Venice Beach sober living, it is important that whoever may be going is part of a program that doesn’t just focus on stabilizing them, but helps them with emotional sobriety as well where they learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, life strategies, redefining relapse, self-advocacy, and boundaries. Without these necessary tools, it may be hard for a person to thrive outside of the facility. You want to find sober living that isn’t just about providing a place for someone to stay, but exists to help someone set them up for success and rebuild their life. 

Spiritual Fitness and More

As mentioned before, the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. When finding a place for sober living, it is also important that one would consider the spiritual environment. Are there places for prayer or meditation? What about writing workshops? Many people want to connect on a spiritual level to feel at their best and when finding a sober living place, you want to consider what they may offer one for spiritual maintenance.

It may also be good to consider what else is offered at Venice Beach sober living that can help someone recover from addiction and rebuild their life. Having integrated services that can help someone in their restoration process could be beneficial for someone looking to strengthen themselves overall. Some of these services include:

  • EMDR
  • Music therapy
  • DBT
  • Psychopharmacology 
  • Art & writing
  • Medic-assisted detox

Finding Venice Beach Sober Living 

Understanding what to look for when it comes to Venice Beach sober living can help one find the best place that works for them or someone they care about. Knowing what matters when it comes to rebuilding one’s life can help one clearly see what needs to be part of a sober living program and what doesn’t. Understanding that a sober living facility isn’t about just having a place to stay or stabilizing someone, but about helping someone rebuild their life and change their narrative can help you know how to find the best Venice Beach sober living.

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