How to Find a Marijuana Dispensary in Toronto

Updated on December 2, 2020

Ever since the Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17th, 2018, Toronto became the seat of Canada’s legal, recreational marijuana trade. However, the new market is potentially so huge that it still presents an overwhelming challenge to newcomers who are looking to find a high-quality, reliable marijuana dispensary in Toronto.

A lot of the confusion arises from the terminology itself used in this trade, which often confuses consumers even more. After all, not everyone is familiar with what terms such as THC levels, CBD extracts and edibles, marijuana strains, etc. mean. What most customers simply want is access to high-quality, safe and legal weed that provides them with the high that they are looking for. To find that, they need to find a licensed and regulated marijuana dispensary first, and that’s where the following pointers should prove to be particularly helpful.

Using the Right Web Tools Could Help Immensely

It would be proper to state that using the right web tools can not only help immensely, but they could very well be the only resources you may ever need for finding regulated and legal marijuana dispensaries in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada for that matter. For example, the web tool on provides users access to a registry of Canada’s best, legal marijuana dispensaries to everyone who is looking for them. Weedmaps has been an integral part of the long struggle which ultimately led to legalization of recreational weed in Canada, but now that the goal has been achieved, their tool is the ideal web platform which connects consumers to legal and regulated marijuana dispensaries in Toronto, as well as the rest of Canada. Pay a visit to the site for more detailed information regarding everything related to being a smart marijuana customer who makes well-informed choices every time.

Google It

Given that weed is not illegal anywhere in Canada, you can practically Google for more information from your phone and find out exactly where the weed dispensaries are located in Toronto, or even outside the main city. Read a few Google reviews on the dispensaries near you and you should be able to soon find the closest and the best one around your present location.

Read Reviews

Google reviews of weed dispensaries are not your only option mind you, because there are so many websites, forums and YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing various marijuana dispensaries in Toronto. Do be careful about paid reviews though, because they do exist! It is best to find forums where people discuss their experiences without bias.

Research the Product You Are Interested In

As already mentioned, there are so many different types of cannabis derived products today that it can be overwhelming. Instead of just researching everything, look up and read more about exactly what you wish to buy. For example, quality is more important than anything else when it comes to cannabis products of any kind, be it cannabis seeds, edibles, CBD oil, marijuana or anything else for that matter. Therefore, unless the dispensary’s website offers specific information regarding the origins, strains, growing/harvesting techniques, manufacturing processes, storage processes and handling measures of the products that they are selling, it’s best to not risk buying sub-standard products from them.

Quality and Price Are Interrelated

Legalization has made weed cheaper than it used to be, so that’s a huge advantage for consumers. However, if the marijuana is actually good, it will not be cheap. Not that high-quality weed is always going to be super expensive, but just as it is with everything in general, good quality and higher price will always be interrelated. In other words, consistent, safe, potent products from well-reputed marijuana dispensaries in Toronto are always worth the price.

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