How To Encourage Healthy Eating Among Nurses

Updated on June 21, 2022
medical doctor with nurse during lunch break

Healthcare professionals have one of the most crucial roles in society as they help save patients’ lives. It’s no surprise how challenging their job roles are, often working in different shifts and sometimes having to keep at it for long hours. The nursing role may be a lucrative career, but it’s bundled with mental and physical stress and fatigue.   

Nurses perform laborious works for which they need to have enough energy. They’re in emergencies, tend to a busy ward, and guide outpatients. When they’re short on time, many nursing professionals result up ordering fast foods and eating unhealthy meals and snacks. Although they should practice what they preach to their patients, it can be challenging to carry on with a healthy meal plan considering their current work state.  

Fortunately, there’s hope to change your lifestyle and apply some tips to encourage healthy eating habits like the ones below:  

Consider Healthy Meal Deliveries  

Many healthcare professionals like nurses come with full-packed schedules, making it nearly impossible to prepare their own meals. With so much work, family obligations, and chores, it isn’t easy to insert some quality time to prepare healthy meals at home. Due to lack of time, they pick out ready-made dishes from the convenience store nearest their workplace. However, there’s a great alternative that allows you to continue eating healthy even when you don’t have to prepare your meals yourself.

Healthy meal delivery Toronto companies are now growing and come with flexible and customizable meals. You can select your meals, follow a meal plan, eat fresh foods, and have them delivered to your workplace with no hassles. If you live in Ontario, this is the best solution you can have to stay healthy and get access to delicious and fresh meals.   

Whether you have allergies or dietary restrictions, you can still order from these healthy meal plans since they can be customized. These food services cater to everyone and use the freshest ingredients and produce, so you can enjoy your lunch break with confidence in what you’re eating.    

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Don’t Skip Breakfast  

The day’s most important meal is breakfast, as you’ve heard a million times. Therefore, as busy nurses, you shouldn’t dare skip out on the day’s most important meal. The food you eat during this time will fuel you up as you start your work. Whether working the day or night shift, breakfasts are essential to help you start the day right.  

Your breakfast meal will help sustain you with enough energy to last until lunch. This prevents you from delving into unhealthy snacks. It’s common for nurses to forget to eat breakfast, especially if they’re rushing to work. However, you can eat breakfast on the way to work by having biscuits, sandwiches, and yogurt on the subway or bus.   

Try Not To Follow Fad Diets  

If you’re determined to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, staying away from fad diets is best. Chances are they’re not built for a long-term eating arrangement for you. Instead of following impossible diet plans, changing your mindset and eating habits is best.  

Accept that this is a lifetime commitment and that you shouldn’t rush the process. Transitioning to healthier eating habits should be gradual and not forceful. This will prevent you from binge eating during cheat days. Some diets are too food-depriving, and you might get sick of it eventually and eat more than you originally did to curb your cravings.   

Don’t Skip Meals  

This tip is a no-brainer and applies not only to nurses but to everyone. Skipping meals will only make you hungrier and binge eating during lunch or dinner. When you skip meals, you don’t have enough energy to perform nursing tasks, which may result in fatigue and burnout.  

Your focus will also decrease; before you know it, you’re no longer interested in your daily tasks. It’s crucial to incorporate protein into your diet to perform the daily requirements of your job. Besides triggering cravings and blood sugar spikes, skipping meals may also lead to increased triglyceride production. This may also lead to weight gain and impaired physical health.  

Always Have Some Healthy Snacks Ready  

As a hectic nurse, you’ll be faced with unanticipated situations. Emergencies often happen, and you might be able to delay your lunch and snack breaks. It’s best to have some handy snacks in your pocket or handbag when these happen. You can regain the energy required at work with just a few bites.  

Munch on healthy protein bars before tending to the next emergency patient. These healthy snacks will allow you to function in a healthy state despite not eating a full meal yet. Aside from protein bars, you can go for pocket-sized snacks like peanuts, dried fruits, or dark chocolate. Be mindful when choosing healthy snacks, as there can be a thin line between the unhealthy ones.   


There’s no need to live unhealthily no matter how busy your work can get. As a nurse, your obligation to ensure your patient’s health is essential, but maintaining your own physical and mental condition also receives the same level of importance. By applying the abovementioned practices, you can live a healthier life as a nurse. This will not only benefit yourself but the people around you too. 

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