How to Determine the Best Stair Climber for Your Home Gym

Updated on December 17, 2019

You want the best results from your home gym, whether it is the six-pack, abs, slim waist, or any other fitness goals that you have up your sleeve.

However, you need to have the right equipment for your home gym in order to be successful at achieving your fitness goals. One of these items is the stair climber. The equipment mimics climbing stairs and it gives the body a great cardio and lower body workout.

So how will you know if your stair climber is the best? Here is a review of one of the best stair climbers on the market

Still not convinced, here is how you can determine the best chair climber for your home gym.

Check Durability

The best stair climber should be strong enough for your weight. It should have a strong base that can support you comfortably. The stepper and handlebars should be strong enough to accommodate your weight.

Also, you will need a more durable machine if you intend to work out more often. If it is for occasional use, then a less durable model can suffice.

The Features You Need

You will want to know how fast you are climbing, the distance you have covered and for how long. The best climber should give you all that information. Some stair climbers have more features and can even show you the calories you have burnt.

Some of the features include LCD screens, heart rate monitors, Bluetooth connectivity and preset workout programs.

However, the more features, the more the climber will cost. So, if you are on a budget, go for those features you need.

Also, choose the feature depending on the type of workout. If you want to include upper body workout, look for a model with resistance bands, twisting arms and moving handlebar to exercise the upper torso and arms.

Has Appropriate Weight Limit

Different stair climbers can support various weights. The majority of them support up to 250 pounds. The best for your home is one that can support your weight.

You will also find models that can support up to 300 pounds. These are suitable in the case where there is more than one user.

Ease of assembling

You will be required to assemble your stair climber once it gets at home. The best climber should be easy to assemble. It should have easy to follow instructions, all the components available and holes that align properly.

Different Resistance Levels

If you are just starting exercising on a stair climber, you will need to do it at a lower intensity than someone who is used to it. To make this possible, the best stair climber should have different resistance levels so that you can choose the one suitable for you.

Has a Good Warranty

The best stair climber is an expensive investment that can cost you thousands of dollars. Of course, it will have many features and moving parts. Such investment should be backed by a good warranty such that it can be easy to replace or repair in case of damage.

It would be discouraging to spend a lot of money on equipment and after a short time, it becomes unusable because it needs an expensive part. A good warranty should cover all parts. Also, servicing should be within reach so that you can easily take it for repairs or replacement.

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