How to Create Android Applications Without Coding?

Updated on May 5, 2021

Nowadays a lot of computer programmers do not like to write programming languages. Some think that such a practice would give them a headache. 

However, if you’re an engineer and enjoy developing such applications, then programming languages might not be necessary. 

But if you would like to understand and understand the entire process of development of an android application without coding, then you can take help from Andromo. 

Create Android App Andromo is a free and open-source solution to build Android applications without writing any codes. 

Here’s how to create your very first android application without writing any code.

How to create android applications without coding

This guide will teach you how to create an android application without writing any code. As you’ll be able to create multiple applications for different purposes within a very short period of time.

We are going to use the below tool to create an android application. Also, you can choose different options when creating an android application.

Apteligent for Android development

Install Andromo and prepare your environment.

To download and install Andromo you should use these links.

Simply open the andromo app and start building your very first android application no matter if you don’t even know about a single word of code that’s the main thing why most people like andromo.

And with this best android app builder, you can create any type of applications you want, you can create entertainment, games, music, videos, and many more types of apps as well free of cost yes you heard that right.

Andromo is a great app maker for Android that also comes with very helpful tutorials. It allows you to build most kinds of apps in the fastest way possible with unlimited design, editing, commenting, and compiling capabilities. Features Include

No pay-for apps and themes, only free apps and themes

  • Top-rated third-party templates like Dropbox
  • A built-in menu with more than 500 professional design templates
  • Built-in browser to download new templates from Andromo’s online database
  • Sketch tools for designing apps
  • Designer tools for creating a design from scratch


Plus, the app maker for Android doesn’t have any limitations as its functionality is simply unmatched.

These apps are completely free to download and use, yet they still provide a comprehensive set of features and tools that are useful enough to build decent apps.

But if you are looking for a simple app creator that can build and manage multiple apps and can also be used for creating templates for others apps as well, then Andromo is the best choice for you.


Andromo is a great app maker for Android that supports all Android devices with screens ranging from a maximum resolution of 800×480 pixels to 8×8 pixels. 

This makes it the perfect app maker for all the devices that fall under this particular category.

Productivity Tools

Andromo is a great app maker for Android that has great features that can be applied in a work environment. Among the productivity tools included in Andromo are:

Office Tools: With the ability to create all kinds of documents, make graphics and even export them to Word and PowerPoint, the office tools available in Andromo are capable of making everyone’s work more productive.

+Make and store backups: By using backup options, Andromo users can keep their files and documents safe and in sync.

+File Upload: By using file upload, users can upload any file to their Andromo, either locally or online. The upload can also be carried out using the app’s download feature.

+Stop Work and Save: By doing so, Andromo users can easily bring the app to the end of its current work cycle, thereby freeing them up to work on other tasks.

User Interface

The user interface of Andromo is responsive and simple enough for beginners and mobile-savvy people. It features three different layout modes:

Standard or none: The Standard layout is a one-page layout.

Full or multi-page: In this layout, the page can be either a single or multi-page document.

Widgets: These are convenient tools that allow Andromo users to access information in the form of customizable widgets. They can also be customized by adding a brand new theme to the app.


  • Add, edit and duplicate files
  • Custom fonts and themes
  • Save and import files from the local, cloud, removable storage, and network drives
  • Transfer files from the PC or smartphone via a USB cable
  • Offer online document sharing, file backups, and social networking support
  • Smart alert and silence mode

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