How To Choose The Best Protein Shake For Your Body Type

Updated on September 13, 2020
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Many people head to the gym because they want to improve their health by exercising regularly. However, they may not know that anyone who embarks on a new exercise routine will also need to eat properly so that they can recover from their workouts. They also need to be informed that they should exercise and eat within the limits of their specific body type.

One way they can address their overall health concerns is by drinking a protein shake daily. This is especially true if they’re trying to exercise daily as well. So, before they start a new fitness regimen, they ought to learn first what their body type is, then learn what kinds of protein shakes and supplements, like those available at Transparent Labs, would be best for that body type. 

Here’s what you need to learn about your body type if you want to start exercising regularly.

The Three Main Body Types

Before purchasing a protein shake, it’s important first to know your body. Here are three main body types: 

  • Ectomorph: A person who tends to look long and lean is classified as an ectomorph. Classic ectomorphs have long arms and legs, less dense bone structure, and may be underweight for their height. 

They may have a metabolism that’s rather hyper, meaning they may lose weight quickly even when they eat a lot. Thus, many ectomorphs have a problem packing on weight, even though they may be eating quite a bit all the time.

  • Mesomorph: A person who tends to pack on muscle easily and has a bone structure that is denser than that of an ectomorph may be classified as a mesomorph. 

Mesomorphs are lucky as they don’t have a problem with building muscle, but they may also develop a problem with being too muscular. Their ability to pack on weight can easily be mistaken as gaining fat.

  • Endomorph: A true endomorph is one that tends to pack on quite a bit of fat easily. They may also store this fat in their belly, thighs, and hips so they look rather round. Endomorphs often have a problem losing this surplus fat.

Take note that not everyone can fit into just one body type category. Hence, you might be considered a ‘hybrid’ if you seem to have traits that fit into more than one category. 

For instance, many endomorphs may also be able to pack on a lot of muscle aside from just fat, so they may be called ‘meso-endomorphs.’ There are also some ectomorphs who may have gained too much body fat due to inactivity and a fatty diet. Then, you have the ‘ecto-mesomorphs’ who are quite lucky since they have the long lean look of classic ectomorphs but can pack on muscle through regular exercise and the right diet.

It’s also worth recognizing that athletes come in a variety of body types. So, there’s no one true ‘athletic body-type.’ This gives hope to athletes that may be at a disadvantage due to their body type as they can excel in their preferred athletic arena by paying attention to their regular gym workouts and to their diet. Hence, the need for the right protein shakes to match your body type.

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Content of Your Ideal Protein Shakes

The kind of protein shake you purchase will influence how successful you’ll be at working out and building the kind of body you’re dreaming of. The reason the beverage is called a ‘protein’ shake is that it contains your choice of ‘protein powder.’ The powder is usually processed food in itself, containing a certain proportion of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs. 

To make a protein shake, you can mix the desired amount of powder with some water and ice in a blender. This will allow you to engage in a demanding workout and refuel your body after you’ve exercised. Your body will use the nutrients from the protein shake to nourish different body parts.

Most protein powder brands don’t target athletes with a specific body type with their products. However, some brands may be more ideal for your needs because of their nutrient content. So, if you want to choose the ‘best’ protein shake for your needs, it’s important to know your body type and adjust your diet accordingly.

One problem you may encounter when selecting the ‘right’ protein shake is that there are so many brands of protein shakes out in the market now. To weed out the protein shake for you, check the list of ingredients to see what kind of proteins you would be consuming. 

Here are some of the kinds of proteins that protein powders use:

  • Whey protein: Derived from milk, this is one of the most commonly-used proteins in different protein powder brands because it’s easy to digest, has all the essential amino acids an athlete needs and is easy to produce.
  • Soy protein: This is derived from soybeans and is popular among athletes who are vegans or vegetarians since it’s a plant-based protein.
  • Hemp protein: This is also a good choice for vegans or vegetarians since it’s also derived from plants, and it contains Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pea protein: If you’re sensitive to some kinds of proteins, you may want to try a pea-protein-based shake since this is believed to be a hypo-allergenic, plant-based protein. It’s sourced from yellow peas.
  • Brown rice protein: If you like the taste of rice and don’t like using dairy products, this may be a great alternative for you.
  • Egg protein: The protein of egg-based protein powders is basically sourced from egg whites. Some athletes avoid using egg yolks even in their whole foods due to the cholesterol content. So, some protein shakes are made from egg white proteins instead of whey or milk.

There are protein powder brands that come in a variety of flavors, which is great if you want variety in your workout beverages. Or, you can add some fruit such as berries before you blend the powder to make a true protein smoothie.

Final Takeaway:

The nice thing about protein shakes is that you can make each one more interesting just by adding something extra, like fruit. 

Choosing the right protein depends on what your body can tolerate and what your usual diet is. You don’t have to choose the most expensive brand of protein powder in the market to make a great protein shake. You just need to discern which brands have the nutrients you’re looking for so that you can reach for your fitness goals, no matter what body type you’re blessed with.

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