How to choose a vape?

Updated on May 23, 2020

How to choose the vape and the e-liquid when you know nothing about it? Don’t be fooled by the terms rebuildable atomizer, resistive wire, mouthpiece. You will learn the vocabulary of vaping over time. To know which vape to buy when you are still a traditional cigarette smoker, the most important thing is to keep it simple. 

Then, that the vape is the most effective current way to start smoking cessation, whatever the model. Finally, whether novice vapers, whether they are heavy or occasional smokers, all seek to rediscover the taste of tobacco, a beginning. You only have one first question to ask yourself for your first e cigarette. Will it have great autonomy? Followed by another, will the spare parts be easily found? Indeed, your electronic cigarette must be a pleasure, easy to use, to start.

Even though vaping is not recognized as a drug, more and more smokers are adopting it to accompany progressive nicotine withdrawal. If the choice of products was simplified in the early days of existence of the electronic cigarette, it is not the same today with accessories and systems more and more adapted to each profile. So you have to ask yourself questions like what e-cigarette to choose for a heavy smoker, what do you expect as results or what are your needs before ordering …

To see more clearly in the operation of the vaping machine, know that it consists of two parts:

– The battery which will determine the power of the vaping and the load behavior.
– The clearomizer containing the liquid and the resistance.

In terms of batteries, you will have the possibility to choose between:

– A simple, constant power (the oldest on the market).
– One with variable power which will allow you to modulate your throat sensation and the quantity of vapor expelled.

As for the clearomiser, you will find differences:

– Liquid capacity.
– Resistance power.
– In the possibility of varying the air supply.

Profiling the new vaper

And yes to know which e-cigarette to buy, it is advisable to analyze its profile:

    Are you an occasional smoker: 2 to 5 cigarettes / day?
    Are you more of a moderate smoker: 5 to 10 cig./day?
    Or do you fall into the heavy smoker category: more than one pack / day?

Each of these profiles helps determine which type of e-cigarette is best for you.

For example, for a moderate smoker, a simple battery will be enough to get started.

And in practice, how to choose the electronic cigarette?

Obviously, when you have good equipment, the question is how to use it. There is no need for complicated manuals for this, because the use is extremely simple. For the vast majority of models, it is enough to press a button which triggers the reaction of heating of the liquid, while inspiring. The product then turns into vapors which you will expel as you exhale.

Good to know: as it is a fragile material with electronic components, it is advisable to take care of it and to clean the clearomiser regularly. This will save you from unpleasant surprises, such as leaking liquid into your mouth. Also remember to watch for a possible change in the color of the liquid, index of wicks of resistance to change!

You now know more about how to investigate the ideal material. As you can see, it is not the aesthetic criteria that should guide your choice, but your needs, your history with tobacco and your level of nicotine addiction and your expectations.

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