How to Care for Your Wellbeing as a Teen

Updated on March 19, 2020

With so much going on during your teenage years, it’s easy to let your own wellbeing slip. With busy schedules within your education, personal life, and part-time employment, it can often feel as though you’re rushing from place to place without giving much thought to your own relaxation and mental health. 

It’s important to take a step back and evaluate the best methods to take so that you are prioritizing self-care. Here are some important suggestions for taking care of your wellbeing as a teen. 

Socialize with the Right People

The friends you choose and the people you choose to associate yourself with will have a particular effect on your wellbeing. If there is any negativity or toxicity between you and certain friends, or if you are feeling pressured to spend time with people you do not feel comfortable with, then it’s important to take the right steps to sever ties. Only spend time with people who bring you happiness and fulfillment. 

The people you meet during your teenage years may well be friends for life, so it’s important to socialize with the right people. 

Get Involved with Activities You Enjoy 

To nurture your own fulfillment and wellbeing, be sure to pursue hobbies you have an interest in. The best hobbies may find you outdoors and staying active, such as getting involved in a local sport, but a hobby which allows you to express your own interests will be a huge boost for your positive mental wellbeing. Be sure to find an outlet for any creative passions you have, or try something new, such as playing an instrument or learning a new language. You might be surprised at how much a new hobby can positively impact your life, and even open new doors for the future. 

Talk to Someone You Can Trust if You Hit a Difficult Patch

If you feel as though times are getting unbearably difficult, you feel overwhelmed, or you feel as though your mental health might be compromised, it’s important not to suffer in silence. Pinpoint at least one person you trust to talk openly about how you are feeling. This could be a friend, a sibling, a parent, or maybe even a teacher or guidance counselor. 

Speaking openly about your issues is the first big step to overcoming your obstacles. Treatment is the second step. There are many facilities available for teens who are particularly struggling, like Ignite Teen Treatment, which offers a safe space for you to deal with any issues you might be having. 

Stay Active 

Staying active is not only paramount for your physical health (keeping in shape), but it will help to boost your mental health, too. Physical activity will help to keep you feeling productive and motivated, and the endorphins released during exercise help to give your brain a positive boost. 

To make it more likely that you will feel motivated to exercise, try to find a physical activity you enjoy and which you will look forward to rather than dread. Taking part in sports at school, for example, may be a great alternative to trying to hit the gym all the time. 

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