How Supplement and Wellness Brands Stay Connected to Customers

Updated on June 22, 2021

It’s no secret that many modern-day consumers heavily patronize supplement and wellness brands. This reality is mainly due to the increasing focus on self-care and the widespread loss of trust in the traditional healthcare system.

However, the primary concern for many supplement and wellness businesses is staying connected to their clients to encourage repeat business. This way, they can retain patrons who’ll help them stay afloat in the highly competitive wellness industry. Below are some insights into how supplement and wellness enterprises connect with their clients.



Many customers still prefer the human touch in the customer service process, so telephones remain vital to maintaining customer relationships in the health and wellness sector. Clients can reach out to these brands with various inquiries and concerns to receive swift answers and assistance. Therefore, consider investing heavily in a contact center to handle clients’ issues to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, you can even invest in helpful call center software to make your contact center more efficient. Trusted software brands such as Bright Pattern will come in handy when seeking contact center software in the healthcare industry.

Bright Pattern’s medical call center software allows your support team to deliver seamless patient engagement and personalized customer experiences. This contact center solution enables healthcare providers to offer customer support over all digital channels, including text messages, SMS messaging, live chat, voice calls, and video chats. Furthermore, thanks to this cloud call center’s advanced use of IVRs and AI, you can route customers to the right agent and healthcare department to guarantee swift and efficient customer assistance. Also, this healthcare call center solution is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that customer data is kept safe thanks to secure transmission and storage of data during customer interactions.

Social Media

Social media is the prime location where many people turn to for information and communication. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to leverage social media to stay connected with your customer base. Thankfully, there are numerous strategies you can rely on to make this a reality. For example, social media platforms provide a great way to give clients an inside look into your business.

As such, you can share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your staff at work to make your enterprise seem more human, deepening customer connections. Also, social media can help you collect customers’ opinions, solve issues promptly, and show appreciation to your patrons. Consequently, it isn’t surprising to see many organizations leveraging social media to connect with their clients. Leading enterprises such as American Marijuanaare good examples of such brands in the CBD sector.

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Website Updates

Business websites are another excellent resource that supplement and wellness brands leverage to connect with patrons. These websites contain helpful articles and FAQs that offer in-depth information to clients, allowing them to receive their answers without reaching out to customer service. Additionally, regular website updates ensure that clients are informed about new products, service changes, and other essential information.

To conclude, connecting with clients is a primary concern for today’s supplement and wellness brands. The points above are insights into some solutions these enterprises use to stay in touch with their patrons.

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