How Much Will An MOT Test Cost?

Updated on September 2, 2020

An MOT test is a mandatory yearly performed by qualified examiners to make sure a vehicle is roadworthy. Having a fair idea of how much it will cost to give your car a clean bill of health can provide you with the chance to put aside a little each month for this eventuality.

Initial MOT Outlay

If you are lucky enough to have a perfect vehicle, then the car’s day at the garage won’t cost more than £54.85. There may be some garages offering the test at a lower price, but service facilities can’t charge more because this is the maximum fee set by the DVLA (The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Vehicles vary according to their size and type, for example, a motorbike will cost £29.65, but one with a sidecar will cost £37.80. The most expensive MOT test is for buses (vehicles with more than 16 passenger seats) at £124.50. If you aren’t sure what you should be charged for the MOT test, go to the DVLA website for a full list of vehicles and the costs. 

Some test centres, keen for business, are known to charge less than £54.85. You’ll find this in areas where there is a concentration of vehicle repair and service businesses vying for customers. Just remember, though, that cheapest is not always best. Don’t rush in merely based on price. Anything below the maximum price could mean that the charges for repairs, parts, and labour could be above average.

Simple Ways To Keep MOT Costs Down

Small things like a blown bulb or not enough windscreen wiper fluid could be seen at home before your vehicle’s MOT check. Both these constitute a fail. So, if you can do this yourself, it will save the MOT tester time and, of course, your money. A quick trip out to a car accessory store or order online.

A dirty car, inside and out, believes it or not, means a fail. So, instead of the test station staff washing and polishing your vehicle, with a bit of soap, plenty of water and some elbow grease, you’ll be saving yourself money.

Your vehicle’s tyre condition will also be under the spotlight. If you use a reputable and reasonably priced tyre shop, it might be worth popping in to see them before booking the MOT. Having to buy tyres through the service centre could well cost you more. Do an online “tyre check” to ensure the wheels don’t come off on your car’s MOT test day.  

Another Cost If You Forget To Test

On the subject of forking out money, if you don’t have a valid MOT., you can be fined up to £1,000. The government has a free MOT reminder service which will let you know you a month before your car or motorbike is due for its MOT. This service isn’t available in Northern Ireland. So, make sure all your ducks are in a row for your annual MOT test to be a smooth ride.    

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