How much does it cost for same day rubbish removal in London?

Updated on December 3, 2021

When sourcing for same day rubbish removal, you need to look at the cost implications. You need to settle for what you can afford and a cost that is matching your budget. The cost and the quality of the services to be rendered should go hand in hand. It is important to note that most of these companies have shared the prices on their website for transparency purposes. 

Different companies in London have different cost when it comes to same day junk removal. The following are some of the different prices given by different companies in London.


This is a professional junk removal company in London that helps in disposing rubbish in an environmental friendly and responsible manner. Its price schedule for same day rubbish removal is given as follows;

  • For domestic rubbish disposal they charge £50.
  • For commercial property £110.
  • For custom request £150.


This company offers cheap junk collection services that are effective to meet the demands of clients. They share according to the volume and amount of the junk that need to be disposed. Their pricelist is as follows;

  • Minimum load containing 2 bin bags they charge £25.
  • 1/8 skip containing 5bags £40.
  • 1/4 skip with 10 bags £60.
  • Half load with 40 bags £150.
  • Full load containing 80 bags £250.

All these prices are exclusive of VAT.


This company is based in London and is known for junk removal services for both businesses and households. The pricing depends on the rubbish that a client wants to get rid of. It looks as follows;

  • Minimum charge is £50.
  • 1/4 truck £100.
  • 1/2 truck £180.
  • 3/4 truck £230.
  • Full truck £290.

Junk Bunk LTD

This is one of the best junk removal company in London that distinguishes itself in disposing different types of waste.  The price depends on the type of garbage you want to get rid of. The pricing plan is as follows;

  • Single small item containing 4 bin bags £35.
  • Minimum load with 8 bin bags £65.
  • 1/4 load with 20 bin bags £90.
  • 1/3 load containing 30 bin bags £130.
  • 1/2 load with 40 bin bags £160.
  • 3/4 load with 60 bin bags £220.
  • Full load with 80 bin bags £270.


This company offers junk removal services in London for residential and commercial waste disposal. They offer competitive prices depending on the amount of junk collected. They offer upfront charges which include disposal, transport and labor prices. Their pricing schedule is as follows;

Truck LoadPrice(Ex-VAT)Price (Inc-VAT)

These costs are also dependent on labor and weight allowances.

Quick Wasters

This is the leading junk removal company in London city. It is known for clearing waste in a professional and environmental- friendly manner. They do not have any extra charges and offer competitive prices when compared to other junk clearance companies. The prices are as follows;

  • 0.1 tonne at £50.
  • 0.5 tonne at £120
  • 1 tonne at £170.
  • 1.25 tonne at £240.
  • 1.5 tonne at £280.

These prices are exclusive of VAT.

Rubbish Clearance Essex Company (RCE)

This is a junk removal company that focuses on domestic and commercial waste removal services in the city of London. They also offer same day waste removal services and their price package is as follows;

  • For bulky items the price is from £60.Items like garage and house clearances.
  • For heavy materials and builders waste they charge from £100.
  • For any additional service rendered the price is from £6.

Allan’s Rubbish Removal

This is an ideal junk removal company for all your wastes. It is responsible for handling different kinds of waste ranging from the garden to inside your homes.

 They offer competitive prices with no extra charges. The rates depend on the weight and amount of waste you would like to get rid of. The cost schedule is as follows;

  • Minimum charge for 50kgs £58.
  • For 250kgs £104.
  • For 500kgs £154.
  • For 760kgs £209.
  • For 1000kgs £274.

These are just but a few companies that offer same day waste removal services in London.

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