How Massages Help to Treat Migraine?

Updated on December 5, 2019

Massages have enabled us to get rid of a number of health related problems. They are not only considered as a source for relaxing but they tend to have solutions for a number of health related problems. There are a number of problems that cannot be remediated because of their medicines are not available in the market. Even if they are present they are either unavailable or they have plenty of side effects which make us avoid them. A Touch of Wellness VI helps remove that problem.

Headaches and migraines are very common in our population. They develop discomfort and make our lives difficult. They also affect our capabilities to perform routine activities. Acupressure and pressure points have been proven to have a huge effect on making your headache better.
Pressure points are basically points in your body that are extra sensitive. According to the Chinese studies, when these pressure points are touched they tend to relax your body, improve the overall health of the body, and restore the mineral balance. Massage Spa Caribbean is great for this purpose. 

This is studied under the term reflexology. These pressure points are difficult to identify. One can do it themselves. However, it is always preferred to refer to a professional in order to get the full advantage of this. There have not been a lot of studies in this area. Most of the studies done under the term reflexology are based on the studies done by the ancient Chinese. 

How to identify pressure point?

Here are some of the points that you can easily identify:

Union valley

This is the pressure point located on the web between your thumb and your index finger. This is a very good spot to treat headaches.
Now in order to do it you will have to pinch the index finger and the thumb of the other hand on this location. This will shall continue for about 10 seconds. You should make sure that you do not press it for too long.
Another way to do it is put some pressure on it with your other thumb and make rotate it in the same direction. Make sure that you do not put a lot of pressure on it.
This pressure point is specifically for releasing tension on the head and the neck. 

Drilling bamboo

This pressure point is located on either side of the bridge of your nose. It is just where you eyebrow meet. For releasing tension and stress you will have to use your index finger to put pressure on this pressure point for about 10 seconds. Repeat this step several times. This pain is also effective for people who suffer from sinus pain.

Third eye

This pressure point is located between the two eyebrows. Put your index finger on this location and put pressure on it. You must apply the pressure for about 1 minute. Release and apply the pressure again. This is great to treat the headache and sinus.

Gates of consciousness

These pressure points are located on the two hollow sections located at the back of the neck. To make use of it apply some pressure using your index finger. Keep applying pressure for about 10 seconds. This works well for headaches and people who suffer from tension in the neck. 

Shoulder well

This pressure point is located at the edge of the shoulder where the gap is present. In order to utilise this pressure point put some pressure on these wells with the help of these thumbs. Keep applying pressure for about 1 minutes. After releasing the pressure, keep applying the pressure. This is perfect for people who suffer from chronic neck pain. Also, this is perfect for people who suffer from chronic headaches. 

There are plenty of pressure points that are located on the body to make it feel relaxed and perform their activities easily. They all serve different purposes, therefore, it is important to identify them before using them. If you are not sure then it is often better to refer to therapist like Massage Spa Caribbean. If done wrongly, it might have a long term effect. For better results it sis preferred to do it more often and repeat the whole procedure for at least 3 time a week. 

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