How is a trundle bed useful for small spaces?

Updated on January 3, 2021

Trundle beds are trendy these days due to their space-saving feature. No matter for whom or for which room you are looking for. And this is true especially for those people who live in small flats with large families. So before we start with how they are useful for small spaces, let’s find out what are trundle beds.

A trundle bed is just a small bed placed under the main bed and can be pulled and pushed back. Like a bunk bed, it offers two sleeping spaces but takes the place of one bed. Moreover, the lower bed is smaller than the upper bed and takes less space. In addition to that, the lower bed is placed on wheels or casters.

Now the question arises how a trundle bed saves space in apartments?

When any individual buys a trundle bed, their main aim is to save space so that the room looks tidy and clean. But now, let’s discuss this.

You will get two beds in one place; these both beds will occupy the same space. Apart from that, they also serve small couches during the day time in the form of daybeds or chaise lounges due to small size. And when you need a bed, you can easily roll it into a trundle bed by adding cushions and pillows. 

You will also get cabinets and drawers in the trundle bed for keeping essential utilities like pillows, cushions, beddings, etc.

For whom this trundle bed is useful?

As you know that trundle bed serves as a second bed but with a thinner mattress. So it is perfect for children, guests, teens, etc. On the other hand, they are not suitable for older adults who are suffering from back issues.

How does the trundle bed act as space savvy?

Let’s discuss the advantages of trundle beds in regards to space-savvy options.

  1. Serves two in one

This is one of the most excellent, or you can say the most significant benefit: you are getting two beds at one place and at one price. For example, if you have to manage multiple guests in one time, then you can simply pull the bed out.

  1. Better storage option

These trundle beds have drawers so that you can keep your essential utilities at one place. Moreover, you can also keep your books and sports items in the beds.

Apart from that, if one or more kids share the same room, it becomes very challenging to find space. Then this trundle will serve an excellent purpose of making the room spacious.


Overall, let’s be very honest. If you are looking forward to buying a trundle bed, it is the biggest bang for your buck. It is an instrumental piece of furniture which will serve more work than you usually think. So, select the trundle bed wisely after examining your usage, size of the room, etc. And be the first one to buy a trundle bed for your kids or for yourself.

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