How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry

Updated on July 26, 2020

Technology has advanced so much since the first slot machine was created in the 1900s by San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey. Over the past 20 years, the main focus and preferred choice of casino gaming has been online. People can play online casino games from the comfort of their own home at any time of day. Gone are the days where you are having so much fun and the casinos closes and gone are the days where you have to travel far to get to your nearest casino.

As of today, an astounding 90% of gamblers gamble online compared to 10% who prefer to play in a traditional land-based casino. That number will only continue to rise over the years as new technologies are created. Right now, mobile casino gaming is the new thing and the number of people playing slots on their mobile phones continues to rise – play on mobile at Wizard Slots.

What are mobile slots?

Mobile slots are slots that you can find in an online casino. A mobile casino is a place where you can find hundreds of slots all in one place at the touch of a button. You can play from your Smartphone anywhere at any time, as long as you have a wireless internet connection. Various slots can be found in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store. Online casino sites these days are mobile-optimised so you can simply log on to the site and start spinning quickly and easily.

A huge decline for land-based casinos

As we just mentioned, only 10% of people prefer to gamble in a traditional land-based casino. This is likely to be an older generation who don’t know who to use a computer or smartphone very well or people who prefer tradition. People may also enjoy land-based casinos as there is a social element that online and mobile casinos can’t offer.

Reasons why mobile casino gaming is preferred

There are so many reasons why people would prefer to play online slots online. Perhaps the main reason why people prefer to play slots on their mobile is because of the convenience it provides. You can play your favourite slots on the go anywhere at any time, all at the touch of a button.

Could this affect online casino gaming? Perhaps a little. Mobile casino gaming is a lot more fast-paced as you don’t have to wait for your desktop to load and you can play on the go. A mobile casino offers an enormous amount of entertainment right at your fingertips. At the switch of a button, you can access hundreds of exciting and unique online slots from top software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt.

Discover a wide range of slots with all themes imaginable, slots with exciting bonus features, traditional slots, jackpot slots, and so much more all in one place. Playing slots on your mobile phone is easy and speedy. The load times are quick and all games are mobile-optimised which offers a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Another reason why mobile gameplay affected the slots industry is that playing on your mobile is so secure and safe. When making deposits and withdrawals, the money is typically transferred straight away. The majority of the best online casinos have advanced security systems to keep players safe including 128-bit encryption and firewalls.

The death of the traditional casino could be coming soon. Although you can’t see anyone physically, you can socialise with many players around the world when playing casino games on your mobile phone. The best games to socialise are typically poker and roulette (basically most live dealer games).

The rewarding mobile casino

One thing a traditional land-based casino can’t really offer (well some might, but not to a great extent) are excellent promotions. Everyone loves a freebie, especially gamblers. You can access many great promotions and offers in the mobile casino. Each one offers different things so make sure to check them all out before you sign up.

The majority of mobile casinos offer fantastic loyalty programs that reward loyal customers. With the loyalty schemes, loyal and returning customers are rewarded every time they log in and play slots and casino games. The more points you earn, the more you will be rewarded. Loyalty programs have different levels and offer various prizes such as cashback, bonuses, free games, free spins, and so much more.

There are so many more promotions offered by mobile casinos. Welcome offers are perhaps the most popular and these offer new players a chance to play for free with free spins or free games. There are no deposit bonuses as well where no deposit is required.

Promotions are offered throughout the year for different games too. If a new mobile slot from Microgaming, for example, gets released and they want people to know about it then they may collaborate with mobile casinos to give players a chance to play for free, often with a set number of free spins. It’s a great way of advertising!


As you can see, mobile gameplay has certainly affected the slots industry and it’s only going to change even more in recent years. Mobile casino gaming is convenient, fast, safe, and secure. A mobile casino opens up a whole new world of entertainment with hundreds of slots to access from the touch of a button.

Mobile slots will continue to improve with higher quality HD graphics and possibly 3D graphics in the future. Gaming experiences will be smoother, themes will be more exciting, new symbols will be added for unique gameplay, and bigger cash prizes will be awarded.

Mobile casinos are easy to navigate and are very convenient. You can play on the go. You can play on your long commute to work to make it more enjoyable. Mobile casino gaming has opened up a whole new world to the casino industry. We think they are here to stay and will continue to get better and better. Who knows, maybe the future of mobile gameplay will involve Virtual Reality!

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