How Does Penile Enlargement Oil Work

Updated on March 17, 2020

Penile enlargement oil has been used to boost and firm since ancient times. During the Hellenistic Age, the Greeks used it so models stayed erect longer for artists. Today, men use them to ensure that both they and their partners are happy and satisfied sexually.


Most penile enlargement oils work through a process called transdermal osmosis. After application, the oil passes through your skin, gets absorbed, and stimulates the nerve endings located in your penis.

The most effective oils not only work on penile enlargement, but they also provide relief from sexual dysfunction and improve your overall sexual health.

 The most common ingredients include:


Peppermint leaves work as vasoconstrictors. Vasoconstriction occurs when your blood vessels narrow. Vasoconstriction occurs when the smooth muscles in the walls of your blood vessel tighten, making the blood vessel opening smaller.


Naturally occurring in meat, poultry, and fish, L-Arginine is an amino acid that stimulates the brain and increases sexual desire. Often used to treat male sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction, L-Arginine works as a vasodilator and improves blood circulation.

​Ginseng and Epimedium

Similar to L-Arginine, both Ginseng and Epimedium are vasodilators and work to increase your body’s production of nitric oxide.

Leech Oil

The nitric oxide, anti-collagen, and thrombin found in leech oil helps increase blood flow while also boosting vitality and libido. 

Sanda Oil

In addition to being a vasodilator, sanda oil reduces oxidative stress. 

Gingelly Oil

Also known as sesame oil, gingelly oil has several sexual benefits. This aphrodisiac works as a vasodilator and protects your penis from both bacterial and fungal infections.

Olive Oil

​Commonly used to cook, olive oil improves blood flow and protects against autoimmune diseases. Sexually, olive oil helps fight the inflammation that causes testosterone imbalance and hypogonadism.


Studies show that flavonoids, which are found naturally in plants, improve mood, and increase sexual arousal.

Many penile enlargement oils also contain additional botanical elements. These plant-based substances contain enzymes that help the oil pass through the skin of your penis.

Some penile enlargement oils have artificial flavors that eliminate aftertastes for oral activities.


It’s best to discuss their use before you introduce penile enlargement oils in the bedroom. Once you both agree, both you and your partner should do a patch test by rubbing a small amount onto your arm. Cover the area and wait a day or so. 

The most common side effects are:

  • burning sensation
  • Bumps 
  • Rashes
  • Blisters.

If you don’t experience irritation, redness, or swelling, you should be good to go.

Follow the application instructions and only use the directed amount.

To use:

Begin by giving yourself a penis massage to get yourself semi-erect and increase the surface area.

Apply a small, pea-size amount of penile enlargement oil to the shaft, moving from the bottom until the oil is completely absorbed.

You will then feel a tingling sensation and notice an increase in penis size. Your organ will be bigger in length and harder, with more pronounced veins.

Your penis will seem longer even after you are no longer erect because the abundance of blood remains.

Which ones are best

To determine which penile enlargement oil is best for you, you need first to decide what you plan on doing in the bedroom. Some oils are better or oral, while others for anal, and still others for vaginal sex.

Additionally, read reviews and ask others which oils helped them grow and perform better.

The potency of the oil and its ability to increase blood flow are the most significant factors in whether a penile enlargement oil is effective.

In the end, your results will ultimately depend on your arousal level and the chemistry between you and your partner.  

Always talk to your healthcare provider before using any oils or other supplements. The ingredients found in penile enlargement oils can interact with prescription medications, cause uncomfortable side effects, and increase your risk of developing certain conditions.

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