How Does PEMF Therapy Work

Updated on January 6, 2021

On average, people experience issues like chronic pain and fatigue when it comes to cognitive abilities. There is little doubt that these two phenomena are unrelated. 

While the medical community has fought back with a slew of medications and psychotherapy, they all also come with a bevy of scary side effects and stigma. This is where PEMF therapy comes into the picture. It is an integrative therapy that carries virtually no side-effects. But what exactly is PEMF? To understand it, you must first understand EMFs.

What Is An EMF?

An EMF or an electromagnetic field refers to a pulse of energy produced by chemicals, cells, and even atoms. The signature of this pulse varies from organ to organ, with each organ having its bio-magnetic field. These fields are the primary facilitators of communication between your body’s cells.

It goes without saying that for a human body to properly function, it is vital for all the organs and cells in that body to have a clear flow of communication among themselves. If that flow is disrupted, your body tends to malfunction and, in turn, give signals that something is very wrong. These are where undesirable symptoms and general discomfort comes in.

What Do You Understand by PEMF?

As previously mentioned, for a body to adapt and regulate itself efficiently, its cellular communication system must be in fine working condition. Any disruption to this communication is bad for the body. A variety of external and internal factors may cause said disruption resulting in problems like lack of sleep and chronic pain in the limbs. The problem is that these factors can never conclusively be pinned down.

PEMF is an acronym used for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. In simple terms, this form of therapy aims to improve cellular communication and help your body fix itself. PEMF therapy has gradually become a popular and recommended method to help manage autoimmune deficiencies and chronic disease symptoms in recent years.

How Does It Work?

As the name states, PEMF therapy involves using and controlling electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the electromagnetic field of your organs. The electrical frequencies are created by running an electrical current through a copper coil. This creates an electromagnetic field. The device containing the copper mechanism is placed near the malfunctioning organ to allow the pulses to enter the body.

These pulses don’t need to be strong as even the weakest electrical signal passes through the human body. Because the frequency of these pulses is so low, they are not absorbed by the body and simply pass through. While passing through, they give the electrical field of the malfunctioning organ a kick-start eliciting a reaction from the organ to get back into action.

Is It Safe?

PEMF therapy has virtually no harmful side effects, with fewer than 5% of people experiencing very mild effects that wear off quite soon. The process is not invasive and promotes general well-being and overall improvement of health. The process itself is well established in the medical community, with the FDA approving this therapy for issues like inflammation, pain, and even bone repair. 

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