How Do You Sit on a Coccyx Cushion?

Updated on October 6, 2020

If you’re looking for proper support and comfort for your spine’s base while seated, the coccyx cushion is your best bet. It’s a specially designed seat cushion that prevents your coccyx or tailbone from touching the surface of the seat you’re using. In this way, you don’t have to worry about putting any pressure on the sensitive area.

Aside from providing ample resting space for your tailbone, the coccyx cushion is also effective at helping you maintain the correct posture. With these and many other benefits, there’s no reason to think why it shouldn’t be part of your treatment plan.

Today we’ll break down how to properly sit in this uniquely-structured seat for you to experience the full potential of having one.

The Many Ways You Can Use a Coccyx Cushion

If you’re suffering from coccyx pain due to a fall, tumor, childbirth, dislocation, or fracture, you can help alleviate the pain using a coccyx seat cushion. Here are some of the ideal ways to use this specialized seat.

1. At Home, Work, and While Traveling

If you’ve opted for the coccyx cushion, using the cushion anywhere it’s applicable can help you achieve the best results. By purchasing high-quality, inexpensive cushions, you can maintain your “therapy” at home, in the office, and even in your vehicle.

Remember that your coccyx cushion is only as effective as how consistently you use it. So, make sure to buy several cushions of different varieties since no one-size-fits-all model exists. For instance, you may find one that’s great for using on a chair, but might not be ideal for driving. You can try using a cushion in several different scenarios to see where it fits best.

2. In Place of an Ordinary Seat Cushion

In case you have a chair with a removable cushion, you can place your coccyx cushion on it as a replacement. Remember to remove the chair’s cushion first since the coccyx cushion is not as effective when set on top of another. It will just provide you with an uneven surface to sit on, which is not at all healthy for your back.

When putting the cushion on the seat, you’ll want it to either be dropping slightly or laying flat. That is the preferred set up for most people.

Additionally, if you require extra height, go for a coccyx cushion that’s a little bit thicker. You don’t want just to add pillows to adjust the height since this will defeat the cushion’s special function. 

Lastly, if you’re using the cushion on a very soft surface, like a couch, set a rigid board under it for support.

3. On a Chair With a Back

The coccyx cushion becomes even more beneficial when used on a chair with a back. That is because this type of chair will only double the support for your tailbone.

Using the cushion will elevate your hips, helping improve your posture. The chair’s back will also position your back correctly, effectively eliminating the pressure on your pelvis and spine area.

Take note that when pairing a cushion with a chair that’s just right for you, you may notice your thighs to be positioned a bit higher than usual.

You can neutralize this difference by using a footstool that positions your lower body more comfortably. Of course, if the chair is adjustable, this doesn’t have to be a problem.

4. For Hot or Cold Compression

HelpAndWelness explains that sitting on an ice pack or heating pad can help alleviate your tailbone pressure, eliminating your discomfort. In a coccyx cushion, you can accomplish this with ease, and therefore, get added relief.

You can add either hot packs or flat ice to your cushion, depending on your therapy of choice. Make sure to wrap the packs in towels before putting them on either side of the coccyx cushion’s cut-out sections.

To make things easier on your end, you can opt to get a cushion that comes with a gel insert. In this way, you can simply freeze or warm the cushion up before using it.

A word of caution when using these cushions for hot or cold compression, though. You’ll want to consult your doctor if either of these treatment methods is ideal for you.

The Proper Way of Sitting on a Coccyx Cushion

Generally, sitting on a coccyx cushion isn’t much different from how you properly sit on a regular cushion. However, in this specialized cushion for treatment, you have to be particular about getting one that’s just the right shape, thickness, and function for your needs.

Since consistency holds the key to tailbone pain relief, you should purchase a variety of cushions for everyday situations. Pick one up for work, travel, and home use. In this way, you can maintain your treatment no matter where you are and what seat you’re sitting on.

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