How Can You Use Technology To Motivate Employees

Updated on September 19, 2019

As a team leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is motivated and charged enough for maximum productivity. Shouldering the burden of an entire business can weigh heavy on you, which is where technology comes in. You can use technology for a number of things in the workplace, even as a tool for motivating your employees. Here are some ways in which you can use technology to motivate your employees: 

1. Flexible workplace options 

Working from home is becoming popular with more and more employees these days, for a number of reasons. They can choose their own work hours, they can work from the comfort of their own homes, and they do not have to spend hours on the local transit. As an employee, you should keep this option open for your employees, ensuring that they can remain productive even when they are not able to come into the office. You will also save the business money in the process, and ensure that your employees are not being overworked in any way.

2. Employ machine to machine communication

This strategy suggests that the devices that you use can communicate with each other, along with your employees. For example, your rolex gmt master ii can feed data directly into your smartphone or your desktop. This saves a lot of time and energy on the part of your employees and allows you to continue working anytime, anywhere. It is a smart use of technology where information is automatically transferred between devices and does not have to be transported manually.

3. Respect and appreciate your employees 

You cannot simply give tools to your employees and expect them to start thriving. As an employee, you should interact with and know each employee individually to understand their capabilities mad shortcomings. This will assure your employees that you care about them and respect them enough to not force them into using a technology that they are not familiar with. This is an important way on which you can motivate your employees, as nothing feels better than having a boss that is sympathetic and understanding. 

4. Increase connectivity 

Apart from providing them with flexible workplaces, you should also make sure that all your employees receive mobile workplace tools so that they can remain connected no matter where they are. Often, workplaces provided smartphones and laptops to the employees to enhance their productivity. Research suggests that when you do this, you allow the employees to exhibit their full potential, calling for a 40 percent increase in profits. Apart from smartphones and laptops, you can also make use of things like employee portals where the information is being exchanged continuously. Hosting web meetings with your employees will ensure that they are able to attend it even if they are on leave it out of the country. 

Using technology in the workplace is an effective way of ensuring that your employees are constantly kept in the loop about everything. This will also help you remain connected with all your employees so that you can incorporate their opinions and feedback as you go along the way. 

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