How Can You Get The Best Out of Your Light Therapy Device

Updated on March 24, 2021

In this present time, we are falling victim to various mental health problems, as our lives are getting really harder with time. It has even become really tough to just survive in this world. Depression, anxiety, sadness, etc., have become common problems for people. Sometimes, it might seem to you that there is no escape from hardship in life. As a result, there is no escape from mental health issues

With the huge revolution in the medical sector in the last few decades, we have now overcome many fatal diseases. But we are still behind in the fight against mental health issues, even though we can now go to therapies and take some medications. There is also a different kind of solution that might be able to tackle some of our mental health issues, which is bright light therapy. 

Light therapy is known to be the future of all therapies. Especially in recent times, light therapy has gained immense popularity due to its efficiency in managing a lot of problems. Light therapy is particularly known to be a solution for Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Many of us might fall victim to seasonal affective disorders during dark winter days, or late fall, for the lack of sunlight. When we get affected by SAD, we might get depressed, feel really tired, and might not want to go out and work at all. We might not even want to get out of our bed at all and sleep all day. Light therapy can help us to get rid of these problems.

Not just SAD, light therapy can also help us with other mental health-related problems such as anxiety, depression, etc., disorders. You will be surprised to know that light therapy can also help you with different skin problems too. Acne, psoriasis, etc., skin diseases can be treated with the help of bright light therapy. Light therapy can be of huge help to take care of your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. Not to mention the immense energy boost light therapy can provide you and also highly uplift your mood.

Applying Light Therapy At Home

Light therapy has brought wonders in the medical sector, and all of the potentials of light therapy have not even been discovered yet. However, taking light therapy is a really easy task. You just have to expose yourself to a source of bright light. There are many different types of light therapy devices. You can either go for a lightbox to use it to take light therapy, or you can go for a light therapy mask. There are also lights of different colors and spectrums to use for light therapy, and each of them has a specific set of benefits. So, while you are about to choose a light therapy device for you, make sure that you understand which type of device you are going to use and which color of light you need for the therapy.

While you are going to take care of your mental health issues by going through light therapy, you can go for red light therapy. Red light therapy had done wonders in this sector. The main purpose of this therapy is to mimic sunlight, as disorders such as SAD cause due to the lack of sunlight during dark winter days. Different hormones such as melatonin, transporter protein, etc., can generate a larger amount in your body and hamper the production of hormones like serotonin if there’s a lack of sunlight. Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone, while melatonin can cause tiredness and sleepiness and make you feel that all of your energy has been drained. 

Anyway, taking light therapy is actually a really easy process. You just choose a light therapy device based on your preference and convenience and then use it regularly for a certain amount of time for the maximum result. In order to get the best from your light therapy device, you will have to follow some rules, even though these rules might vary depending on the type of device and the problem you are taking the therapy for. The basic rules are-

Using A Device with Enough Strength

You will need to use a light therapy device that can emit really strong light, which has a strength of around 10,000 lux. You can’t get this much strength from ordinary lamps, as this is 20 times stronger than those lamps. Moreover, as the main goal of the light therapy devices is to mimic sunlight, so maintaining this much strength is highly needed. If you go for devices with a bit weaker light strength, you will have to use the device for a longer period of time.

Taking Enough Time to Finish The Therapy

You need to take the therapy regularly for a certain amount of time until you get your expected result and your problem is entirely solved. If you are needed to take the therapy for 20-30 minutes every day, make sure that you are maintaining the time. You also need to be consistent in taking the therapy. You can’t take it when you feel like it. Instead, you will have to take it in a disciplined and consistent manner. 

Positioning of The Device

Whatever device you use, make sure that you are positioning the device perfectly. For face masks, it is easy to position it as you just have to put it on your face. But in the case of lightboxes and therapy lamps, you need to position them properly. You need to sit really close to the device, closer even if the strength of the emitted light is not much. Make sure that your whole body is exposed to the light, and the light is properly reaching everywhere you need it. Also, make sure that the light doesn’t hit your eyes directly. 

Final Words

Light therapy has brought a revolution in terms of treating skin problems and mental health issues. The most captivating thing is you can easily go through the therapy at your home. You’ll just have to make sure of certain things. If taken properly, light therapy can provide a huge deal of help for your problems.

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