How Can Online ACLS Certification Support Your Career

Updated on February 27, 2021

Attaining the online ACLS certification means you have practice the skills of recovery in the event of cardiac arrest or respiratory diseases. To complete a session of ACLS, you need around 4 to 6 hours without any breaks. You need to score 84% or higher in the written exam, pass the bag-mask ventilation skills-set, CPR-AED skills-set, and mega code test to get this certification. Once completed, the ACLS Course Completion eCard remains valid for 2 years.

Who Offers ACLS Certification?

ACLS certification is offered by the American Health Association (AHA)-accredited institutions. They offer you three main options to purchase this certification program. As per your knowledge and requirement, you can go for a full classroom course, take a hands-on skill session, or go for a blended learning course. You can also buy advanced course materials for learning.

What is the Cost of ACLS Certification?

Different courses of ACLS can be purchased at different prices. You need to check the diversity in the price range with the course provider.

How to Advance Your Career with ACLS Certification?

ACLS certification was established in 1974, and since then, it has been updated regularly with the latest life-saving techniques and technology in performing those skills to treat patients. The students looking to acquire this certification need to study the updated course by following the latest guidelines. 

Getting the ACLS certification is a great way to showcase your resume with excellent skills in the job market. It also offers the following advantages.

Willingness for Further Education

The healthcare industry grows at a fast pace, recruiting medical professionals for various emergency life-saving settings. The industry is keen to hire individuals willing to learn more and work in the medical industry for a long time. So, if you are desperate to take your qualification to an advanced level, applying for online ACLS certification gives you a better chance for obtaining further education.

Strong Portfolio

Your resume is the first document any employer checks to know about your qualification, education credentials, and knowledge in a specific field. Enlisting your resume with ACLS certification shows the employers that you have excelled in the life-saving skills required for the medical industry. This course certifies that you can rightly take up a job in a challenging emergency healthcare setting. You can make your resume even stronger by taking care of the following: 

  • Keeping your resume content relevant to the healthcare industry and possibly for the specific position that you have applied for. Remove or exclude content that is not related to the job or the industry you are looking for your career growth. Your main aim is to keep your resume short yet informative. Hence, ensure that it does not exceed more than two pages.
  • Manage the resume content efficiently and effectively to make it approachable to the recruiter. On average, the recruiters spend less than 10 seconds on your resume. If they find it informative, they can extend this time to analyze your qualifications and skills deeply. So, if you have not managed your resume in an informative way, you will miss your chance to make up for the interviews.
  • Proofread sincerely: The healthcare industry is quite delicate and hires only the best of the lot. Any silly mistake can ruin your chance of getting shortlisted for the required role. It is better to proofread your resume carefully and remove any rookie mistakes. Also, don’t forget to mention any additional certification and recertification programs that you undertake. 
  • Always start with action words: It is better to explain your skills and knowledge with better words. It is good to mention what you have achieved, studied, accomplished with the help of words like trained, assisted, improved, etc.

Stand Out in Job Searches

According to the American Heart Association report, around 475,000 deaths due to cardiac arrest are recorded in just one year. More than 90% of heart patients do not survive due to delay in medical treatment or less availability of medical professionals in the emergency healthcare industry. Therefore, an online ACLS certification will make you shine in front of employers as there is an ever-growing need for ACLS professionals. This certification can also help you in getting a better job profile along with lucrative pay.

What ACLS Certification Demonstrates? 

ACLS certification demonstrates that you have a broad knowledge of life-saving procedures, and you are skillfully able to handle patients suffering from stroke and acute coronary syndrome. With this course, you will have expertise and knowledge about when and how to use a defibrillator, give medications to the patients during resuscitation, and much more.

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