How Blockchain Technology Can Help People Recover From Drug Addiction

Updated on February 21, 2023

We hear about drug addiction in the media all the time. From Fentanyl overdoses to superstars entering rehab, it seems like there are addicts from all walks of life. And it’s true. Drug addiction can impact everyone young and old, rich, and poor. The good news is that even addicts who have been stuck in their cycles for a long time can get free from their addiction. There are rehab centers that help people tremendously on their paths to freedom. In addition, new technology is helping addicts in recovery in ways that were never imagined. Continuous support helps people achieve longer-term success in staying clean and sober. Here’s how Blockchain Technology can help recovering addicts:

The Drug Addiction Problem

Drug addiction is a problem that impacts too many people. Lives are ruined, families destroyed, and sometimes even deaths happen as a result. Many people who abuse drugs also experience other co-addictions that can impact them tremendously. There are also many challenges that blockchain technology can help to solve. Drugs easily pass through some areas to be distributed by people in underground networks.

By disrupting the source of the supply of drugs, blockchain can in part be used to make it harder to create drugs in the first place. Some illegal drugs use common medications found in grocery stores as a base. Without that base, it becomes impossible for drug producers to make their products. Additionally, getting help long-term has also been a consistent issue. Using blockchain to provide resources that give addicts the support they need can make a big difference in the drug problems that people face.

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Drug Addicts Recover

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that records transactions in a way that is transparent, secure, and it cannot be changed. It can help with many things that impact drug users. One of the ways that people get hooked is through prescription drugs. Blockchain technology helps to track drug supply chains to prevent counterfeit medications from reaching users. This can reduce the risk of drug dealers selling fake or contaminated products. Blockchains can also ensure patients receive medications prescribed by their doctor in accordance with their health plan. Blockchain technology can also provide benefits for people who are trying to stay sober after they’ve been involved with illegal substances or alcohol abuse.

Provides Hope for Addicts

An important part of overcoming addiction starts in rehab and recovery. Finding the right residential treatment center is necessary for an addict who wants to get better. While it’s a pivotal first step, addicts will also benefit from long-term support and access to resources and tools. Since addiction is sometimes only a part of the overall puzzle, addicts often need to work on their mental health as well. Blockchain-based technologies offer hope for addicts. They can connect their whole journey from start to finish in one place.

Blockchain Medical Records

Blockchain can support apps that connect all the pieces together. From their medical history to their mental health history, these details can be recorded on the digital blockchain ledger and cannot be deleted. This means that medical professionals who use blockchain technology can view medical records and make decisions based on a broad spectrum of medical data. This can be crucial for people in drug recovery because they won’t be prescribed medications that could trigger a relapse.

Accountability Based Apps

One of the central themes in drug addiction recovery is the need for accountability. There are blockchain-based apps that can host secure group meetings that can provide long-term accountability for drug addicts. This connection is important because it provides them with a safe space to share feelings, get insight, and learn healthy coping mechanisms. These apps should not replace the need for professional intervention but can exist alongside it, and provide a long-term more affordable solution for people who need it.

Random Testing to Earn Cryptocurrency

An innovative solution is to randomly drug test people and then reward them for being drug-free. While some employers do drug testing, this is often at the start of employment. But being part of an initiative to earn something for staying clean could prove to be a good tool. Because the Blockchain is a ledger that records transactions, each clean urine test could earn crypto tokens, as well as earning tokens when their medical professionals add data about their compliance to a rehab program to the ledger. 

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