High-Quality Healthcare and a Date are the Recipes for Happiness

Updated on February 20, 2020

What makes a person happy? This is a question which concerns every human being. Some may say that love is the key to happiness, the others will reply that it’s success and self-realization in all the aspects of life. However, all people understand that real happiness is impossible without being healthy. It is particularly felt if a person is ill or becomes not so strong while growing older.

Thinking about health, it is possible to differentiate between mental, or psychological, and physical states of the human body. If there are no problems with the psychological state of a person, one’s mental health depends on the mood and environment in which this particular person lives. In other words, surrounding oneself with positive emotions, a person is contributing to being healthy and, thus, happy.

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Undoubtedly, physical health is not less significant. Thanks to the level of modern medicine development, more and more diseases can be cured. Thus, the life expectancy is prolonged as people manage to overcome serious illnesses.

Recent Innovations in Medicine Improving and Facilitating Healthcare

1. No more plaster bandages

Several scientists from Israeli, Australian, and American companies are elaborating nylon bandages to be applied for fractured bones. First, a patient’s injured body part will be measured with a special scanner. Then, using a 3D printer, a customized bandage will be manufactured. These bandages will be lighter and no less effective.

2. Substitution of an injured organ with a piece of tissue

Thanks to bioprinting, it is now possible to collect human cells, layer-by-layer, and to manufacture human flesh. The French company called Poietis is the leader in this niche. Such operations will be soon possible for kidneys, later – for all the other organs’ transplantation. Lack of organs for transplantation is a serious problem in modern medicine which leads to the death of about a dozen patients per day.

3. Implants which will deliver antibiotics directly to an organ suffering from chronic infection

This invention is going to be revolutionary in orthopedic surgery in the field of chronic infections’ and metastasizes’ treatment. The company iCeram designs and manufactures special ceramic implants which are filled with antibiotics. It is placed in a problem area of the body, and a patient receives a concentrated and local distribution of an antibiotic. As a result, all the bacteria are defeated in several days, in comparison to present-day methods of treatment which have shown very poor or even lethal results.

4. The cells “eating” calories will help to overcome obesity

Obesity is one of the most widespread problems on the planet. Almost 700 million people suffer from it. Brown adipocytes – this is the name of cells the function of which is to burn calories for thermal regulation. In other words, to generate heat, they burn fat. French scientists have managed to synthesize these cells in the lab. Then, it is planned to transplant them in the body of a person suffering from obesity to increase calories expenditure. The first trials have been successfully carried out with satisfying results.

5. Surgeries with local anesthesia during which a patient is submerged into virtual reality

This is the revolution in neurosurgery. Thus, a patient gets a 3D headset. With an application of local anesthesia, a surgeon can perform an operation on the brain. The first patient with brain cancer has already been successfully operated. Keeping contact with a patient, the surgeon has managed to keep cerebral connections of optic and verbal nerves. Scientists have to carry out investigations in this direction for at least several years. However, the results have already been quite promising.

6. Serious fractions of the back will be treated with minimum surgical interference.

Thanks to special biologic implants, surgeons will have to make two 5-millimeter cuts instead of a 20-centimeter open orifice which is made now. Thus, the period of rehab will be considerably decreased.

Any time, a person can get ill or injured, there is no possibility to secure oneself from an accident. The medicine is aimed at helping people to overcome these difficult life periods. Thanks to recent innovations and developments, more and more diseases cease being incurable. Thus, people have got the chance to live longer and happier. There is nothing more important than the pain and illness-free life, isn’t it?

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