Hersolution Review: Does This Libido Gel Work for Women?

Updated on November 29, 2020

Guys have many options to choose from when it comes to enhancement for sexual health. They can choose between Viagra, Cialis, or even a plethora of natural options that are sold online as ways for men to boost their testosterone and, in turn, their libido.

But what about us ladies? We deserve to enjoy sexual intercourse just as much as anyone else, but it can be difficult when life gets in the way. Kids, stress, family matters, and more can get in the way of your libido.

Even getting older can be a bit of a hamper when it comes to sexual health. Ladies entering menopause, you know what I mean. 

There is no need to be upset or angry regarding this matter, instead you have the chance to take control thanks to a natural option known as Hersolution. 

In this article, we are going to explore everything about this supplement and help you decide if such a natural approach is right for you.

hersolution review

Hersolution Review: Brand Overview 

Leading Edge Health is the name of the brand that manufactures the Hersolution supplement. It is dedicated to creating, testing, and manufacturing natural health supplements that help people of all genders, ages, and statuses in life.

The products they make are crafted in cGMP plants, in the United States, and are made of ethically sourced ingredients. 

The products Leading Edge Health makes are numerous: they offer testosterone boosters for the men, skincare, and supplements to promote health and wellness in women, and anti-aging products to help you turn back time and feel young again.

There are also skincare products offered suitable for anyone looking to enjoy youthful, healthy, and hydrated skin; even minimize those pesky wrinkles!

The company is aided by a team of healthcare professionals that offer advice and guidance to the company. Dr. Steven Lamm is a practicing internist and faculty at NYU. Dr. Dave David is a cosmetic surgeon and doctor who specializes in anti-aging and was at one time board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Last but not least is Anna Lepeley, who is a Ph.D. and expert in the science of biochemistry, exercise, and nutrition. She provides the knowledge behind the libido-enhancing supplements such as Hersolution.

All of the professionals above and many others are the ones who make Leading Edge Health as great as it is; the organization is a well-oiled machine that runs on hard work, experience, intelligence, and of course, dedication to offering quality products to consumers everywhere.

Pro & Cons 

In this section, we will explore the good and the bad sides of this formula. This way, you will have an easier time deciding if such a product is right for you.


  • All-natural, doctor-approved formula
  • You can discreetly buy, and have it shipped to you
  • Free sex-enhancing gifts are included with purchase, such as the HerSolution gel, a lubricant that’s just for the ladies!
  • You get a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • You will feel excited and ready to have sex again and enjoy it
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  • The formula is expensive but can be bought in bulk.
  • Your hormones may fall out of balance if you do not continue its use.


  • Niacin 20mg- This is great for increasing blood flow to the genital area and also aids in the synthesis of sex hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. It is also helpful for over 100 of our body’s functions needed for health and energy. 
  • Hops Flower Extract 200mg-Hops is excellent for helping to relieve dryness in the vagina, which helps you feel more comfortable during sex. Your natural ability to lubricate will increase, which will help you feel great. Hops can also help boost estrogen production, too.
  • Ginkgo Biloba 125 mg-This is an ancient leaf uses in improving one’s mental acuity and is also great for increasing the flow of blood, the amount of orgasms, and sexual satisfaction. It is also got antioxidant properties, which is a huge plus. 
  • Mucuna Pruriens 125mg- This is a source of L-dopa, which leads to the happy chemical dopamine our brain releases when something good happens. This pleasure chemical, dopamine, has an impact on female sexual function and pleasure.
  • DHEA 25 mg- DHEA can improve vaginal atrophy and depression and may help with lupus and adrenal insufficiency and may even help treat osteoporosis.
  • Epimedium sagittatum 100mg-This is an aphrodisiac and helps naturally increase the sexual desire of females. It’s good for helping alleviate menopause symptoms. It is great for increasing blood flow to the clitoris and improving sexual pleasure in females. It may also boost your energy levels.
  • Cayenne 30mg- This stuff turns up the heat, literally! It helps increase circulation to your genital area, to your major body organs, promotes the health of your body’s sexual organs and tissue, makes your orgasms more intense, boosts lubrication of the vagina, and so much more.

How Does Hersolution Work? 

The secret lies in the way the formula was made. It was crafted by a professional team of doctors and scientists. It is a carefully selected blend of herbal and natural ingredients that work as a team to give you a renewed desire and excitement about sex.

All you have to do is take one supplement per day and get ready to enjoy yourself once more. Some users have reported seeing positive side effects in just seven days, but it is recommended you use Hersolution for at least 60 days to see real results!

It all works together to help you correct nutritional, hormonal, and stress-related issues that may be throwing off or squashing altogether your desire for sexual intercourse.

You will find that you will have an easier time getting turned on, you will find yourself fantasizing more and more about sexual encounters, and you will find it easier to stay lubricated so you can really enjoy the act. 

It is a great supplement to help you rediscover your sexuality once more.

The ingredients help increase the blood flow in your body. So, when something arouses or interests you sexually, you will find that you really feel in the genital region. The ingredients work to give you great blood flow, better energy, and a better overall demeanor so that when it’s time to have sex, you’re ready to do it and enjoy every moment!

Benefits of Using Hersolution 

Just how does this great product actually work? In this section, we will devote the next few paragraphs to explaining why this supplement is top of the pile when it comes to female enhancement solutions. 

No Dryness in the Vaginal Area

Part of the reason sex can be uncomfortable for women is because of the dryness that occurs during sex. Thankfully, Hersolution can really help. For starters, it helps produce estrogen, which keeps the vagina lubricated. You will also enjoy a gift of Hersolution lubricant when you buy the supplement, which is a massive help in keeping the vagina ready for sex.  

Here are a few benefits of the included gel:

  • Heighten the sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina
  • Sexual excitement will be more intense.
  • Blood will flow more easily to the genitals.
  • You will feel ready to receive your partner, and they will be delighted with the feeling!

Better Libido

Are you frustrated about the lack of libido you’re feeling? Perhaps it is due to childbirth, getting older, or stress in your everyday life. If you are ready to turn these feelings around, Hersolution can help. The blend of herbs in these great pills will help you naturally restore your libido.

Totally Herbal and Natural

In a world where everything we eat and consume seems to have an artificial element to it, you can finally relax knowing you’re using a completely crafted product from things Mother Nature has put together. 

This product was made using ingredients that are backed by science. They were studied and thus chosen to go into this formula. There are no fillers, artificial ingredients, or weird things you can’t pronounce listed in the ingredients or on the label.

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Better Muscle Contractions

Do you know what happens when we get orgasms? Let’s talk about it! Blood flow increases to the genital region, which leads to greater sensitivity. As you get more and more aroused, your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing increase. 

Orgasms approach when all these things happen, and as it comes, your vagina muscles spasm and twitch. This is the pleasurable feeling you get once you finally climax. 

The ingredients in Hersolution are great for helping the muscles contract in an easier way, which gets you more intense orgasms that you will want to enjoy again and again.

Helps Blood Vessels Dilate

Part of being aroused is making sure blood gets to your genital region. It will help you become more sensitive to the touch of your partner, even if that “partner” is yourself or a favorite sex toy. 

Hersolution ingredients are great for encouraging blood flow. You will become aroused easier and look forward to sex.

Side Effects 

Thankfully, there have been no negative side effects reported for Hersolution. Research our team has conducted on the supplement, including reading other users’ reviews, didn’t list any negative side effects as a result of using the supplement.

This is because it is a totally natural formula and won’t lead to any unwanted changes in your body. If anything, it will only help balance out the hormones and get you feeling a bit more “in the mood.”

That being said, every woman is different. Even though the supplement is doctor approved and from a reputable company, you should research the ingredients yourself and check with your doctor before using just to make sure it is safe for you.

You want to make sure the ingredients will not interact with a medication you are currently taking. Nursing and pregnant women should avoid using this. 

One side effect you might enjoy is the increased breast size. Some women have reported a slight increase in their breasts’ size as a result of the hormone balancing.

Another positive side effect is that it helps women achieve orgasm even when they haven’t ever done so before! If you have an issue achieving orgasms, consider Hersolution as your ticket to the enjoyment of this great feeling.

Who Should Use Hersolution?

Any woman aged 18 and up that needs a bit of an extra boost in the bedroom should consider using Hersolution. 

Feeling low libido and not enjoying sex is no way to live. You want to feel great, and your partner wants to feel amazing, too. You love your partner, and they love you, so don’t let that aspect of your relationship fall by the wayside!

If you are at least 18 and feel any of these emotions surrounding sexual intercourse: 

  • You don’t feel “into it” or excited about it.
  • Your partner is always asking, and you WANT to do it, but you just can’t get into the mood.
  • You want to boost your libido, but you want a natural approach toward the predicament.
  • You want to balance your hormones and manage the feelings of stress that are turning off your desire for sexual intercourse.

…Then Hersolution is a great idea for you, and you should check it out! 

You will feel like a new woman. Best of all, this formulation is doctor approved and is made using the same cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices) pharmaceutical facilities used by major retailers. It is effective and can be bought from the privacy of your own home.

Who Should Refrain from Hersolution? 

Any woman that is not at least 18 years of age should avoid using this supplement. 

Women that are nursing or pregnant should avoid using this supplement. If you would like to get pregnant, talk to your doctor first.

Anyone using this who is currently taking another medication who is NOT WILLING to speak with their doctor first should also avoid taking this. (It is better to be safe, even if this is all-natural).

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Dosage & Tips to Start

Your first step should always be to talk to your doctor before you start using this particular supplement. It will ensure it won’t interact with any medication you might already be taking.

Second, you will want to make sure to take the supplement as directed. Do not attempt to take more than recommended as a means of achieving greater effect. 

Your goals will be twofold: Start by taking one supplement each and every day. Next, make sure you get regular exercise and eat well. 

These natural actions, combined with the herbs of the formula, will help you feel and think more positively about your sexuality. 

Make sure you also keep careful track of how you are feeling as you take the supplement. 

Most women will experience nothing but good side effects, such as: 

  • Better mood
  • Faster arousal
  • A more sensitive genital area as a result of blood rushing there when a sexual feeling washes over you
  • Better energy
  • Feeling sexual or sexy
  • Increased sensitivity during sex
  • Lighter periods and fewer cramps

As you can see, these are all positive. If you notice anything unpleasant or you don’t like what you are feeling, stop the dosage immediately. 

Where to Buy Hersolution and Guarantees? 

It’s best to buy Hersolution from the manufacturer. You can order by phone, or you can order over the Internet. No matter how you choose to order, you can be sure that your order will be handled professionally, privately, and discreetly.

  • Different supplies are available. 
  • You can buy a 1-month supply for $60.
  • You can buy a 2-month supply for $90 and enjoy a free gift in the form of Hersolution lubricant. 
  • You can get a 3month supply for $130 and enjoy free shipping plus the lubricant gel.
  • You can get a 6-month supply for $200 and enjoy free shipping plus the lubricant gel. 

Your guarantee is this: You can try the products for a total of 67 days. If you are not pleased with the product for any reason whatsoever, you can simply return the unused supplement in the original packaging within 67 days of getting your order. 

You will get all of your money back minus the cost of shipping and handling. Keep in mind that refunds are limited to just one per customer. 

However, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of this excellent supplement!

hersolution review

Hersolution Review:Conclusion 

If you are ready to enjoy sex once again, then Hersolution is a great place to start. Ladies, it is not your fault! Things happen as we get older. We become parents. We become spouses. We take on new business ventures and enter menopause. 

No matter what’s going on in your life, you deserve to feel great when it’s time for intimacy. Sex is a great way to de-stress, feel great, and connect with your amazing body. It is a way to show your partner how much you care.

So, don’t disappoint yourself- get what you deserve with the help of Hersolution and feel AMAZING tonight!