Herpesyl Reviews: Is it Safe to Use?

Updated on November 24, 2020

The American Academy of Dermatology showed that approximately 20% of sexually active adults are infected with HSV-2. A separate data indicates that up to 67% of individuals aged 49 years below have HSV-1. The symptoms become visible on several body parts, although they mostly occur on the mouth and genitals. 

But in some cases, patients are asymptomatic. It means they may never face an outbreak and, worst, contract it to other people like sharing the same utensils. Even newborns could be at risk. 

You see, herpes is a serious condition and must be treated properly. The good news, tons of solutions claim to eliminate the embarrassment and pain caused by this disease. And today, we’ll go through one of the modern alternatives which we think could aid with your situation – Herpesyl.  

Herpesyl Review: Brand Overview 

Herpesyl is a 100% natural formula designed to fight herpes viruses. It ticks down the root cause so the symptoms will not be reverted. The ingredients are comprised of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts derived from different reputable sources. 

It works by destroying the virus within the human body as well as providing several major benefits like improving the immune system. What makes it sought-after among consumers is that there are no workouts or strict diets required for the capsule to come into force. 

The supplement is generally non-GMO with no toxic additives and manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. It assures you that each capsule goes through stringent procedures for total efficacy. It is diabetic-friendly as well. Easy to use and follow since it is available in the form of a capsule. 

Pros & Cons 

FDA doesn’t endorse dietary supplement products, including Herpesyl. However, it follows GMP guidelines besides being manufactured in a facility that is FDA-registered. 

Here is a list of pros and cons you should take into consideration:


  • An entirely natural, safe, and effective formula 
  • Formulated by an expert 
  • Supported by some scientific university-based studies
  • Non-GMO and diabetic-friendly 
  • Easy to use 
  • No reports of side effects thus far
  • Get rid of herpes in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Effective to use for HSV-1 & HSv-2 
  • Prevent scorching, itching, and blistering sensations 
  • Promotes better life 
  • Save you from a future outbreak.
  • A generous 60 days money-back guarantee 


  • Herpesyl is only available online at the official website.
  • If you are under treatment or have a chronic condition, you need to seek approval from a doctor before taking the capsule.
  • One cannot expect an immediate result; it will still vary depending on your usage and how your body responds to the supplement.
  • Some may find the package a bit pricey compared to other similar products.

Who Should Use Herpesyl? 

Herpesvirus is increasingly becoming common among youngsters. It can jeopardize your relationship with other people. They will avoid you and give you a disapproving look. It’s like you are not a human but a walking virus. Even you will be terrified and feel humiliated going out and establishing rapport. And the distress continues with your loved ones. 

Imagine not having any single chance to come into contact due to the possibility of spreading the disease. A physical and intimate touch could be fatal. It may reside in your body for years without bursting out any mild or severe symptoms. So, it will be difficult to trace how and when you developed it. That’s why herpes is also called a sneaky infection. It could derail your system gradually. 

This is where Herpesyl comes to the rescue. When taken, it claims to remove the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion as a result of herpes. You no longer need to hide in the four corners of your room and endure the horrible appearance of the virus. 

Some of the symptoms linked to the virus include itching, blazing sores on the genitals or in the mouth, and discomfort during urination. Fever, headaches, tiredness, and lack of appetite may also trigger. 

With the product’s all-natural, safe ingredients, herpes will be taken out of your body once and for all. Anyone dealing with the said condition can use it and receive long-lasting relief. It would still be wise to consult a doctor before adapting it to prevent further issues.   


A total of 26 ingredients are what encompassed Herpesyl. The creator did not divulge all of the ingredients alongside the amount of dose. 

However, they assured that the formula has been created in such a way that patients will never need to deal with herpesviruses repeatedly. Each ingredient has undergone years of research and clinical trials. 

Some of these superfoods are: 

  • Graviola (Soursop) 

Graviola is a native to South and Central America. It is hailed as an incredible herb with an ancient background in treating pain, viruses, and some types of cancer. A study conducted states that it can have antiviral compounds to combat herpes simplex 2 viruses or HSV-2. 

  • Turmeric (Curcumin)

Turmeric is a beneficial compound that suppresses inflammation and oxidative stress. It stops the occurrence of genital herpes virus and even provides you a strong shield against HIV and other STIs. 

  • Burdock Root 

It is traditionally used to treat gut problems, though burdock root is also capable of giving relief from a variety of conditions. Besides nourishing the cells of your brain, it is also packed with anti-inflammatory elements. 

  • Grapeseed 

The holistic nature of grapeseed allows it to fight any form of infection, including yeast and bacterial infections. And when it comes to treating the herpes virus, the antioxidant contained does the miraculous job of boosting pH levels, cleansing the body, and improving immunity. 

  • Red Raspberries 

This ingredient swills down the HSV 2 cells within your body to restore the full maximum function of your brain cells. Further outbreaks are incredibly curbed with red raspberry. 

  • Shiitake Mushroom 

Shiitake is not only known for adding an earthy depth to any dishes. It is also rich in antiviral components that have been shown to boost immune capability. It suppresses both the HSV 1 & HSV 2 as well as converses the damage due to herpesviruses. 

  • Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) 

Another ingredient that Herpesyl boasts with its antiviral and antibacterial effects, pomegranate reduces plaque-forming bacteria and viruses. 

  • Selenium 

A weakened immune system causes the virus to trigger badly or resurface. And a flagging immunity could be due to deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins, such as selenium

This essential substance could aid in inhibiting the reactivation of herpes by boosting your immune system. The effect could likely heighten when it is combined with other potent ingredients, which Herpesyl secures. 

  • Quercetin 

Popularly known as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral ingredient that works by stimulating your immune system as well. 

Thanks to the flavonoids included. It is also available in a wide array of foods like onions, lettuce, and fruits. Quercetin is a well-researched flavonoid in the medicinal field. 

How Does Herpesyl Work? 

As have mentioned earlier, Herpesyl works by targeting the root cause of herpesviruses. This is what other supplements lack, which is why the symptoms continue to reappear. Dr. Peterson ensures the HSV is flushed out from your system – causing other benefits to activate. 

It has three working stages: 

Stage 1: Absorbs All the Nutrients 

The human body absorbs the 26 potent ingredients. As soon as they enter your system, all forms of toxins residing inside will immediately be rinsed out. Therefore, expanding the distinct function of your immune system. The substances make sure there’s no trace of the virus left in your body so it won’t obstruct your daily life over again.

Step 2: Fosters the Brain

Now that the vitamins and other ingredients have been absorbed, the role of Herpesyl resumes by nourishing your brain. It is done by firming up its neural pathways and nerve cells and improving the immune system. Your immunity acts as the defense system of your body. It should be robust enough to fight occurring health diseases and future viruses. 

Step 3: Removes the Herpesviruses Irreversibly

For the final stage, the vitamins and herbs destroy the virus permanently. Your brain cells are cleansed, plus your brain is strengthened. This would also mean preventing the possibility of weakening your cognitive function and feeling well-revitalized. You are now more than ready to show off what a quality life means. Freed yourself from discomfitures and agony you’ve been hiding for too long.

Benefits of Using Herpesyl

The benefits of using the product are only restricted to nurturing your brain, boosting the immune system, and eradicating the herpes virus. 

Other benefits include:

  • Clear, Smooth Skin

Perhaps one clear benefit of Herpesyl. That soreness and inflammation will be gone and won’t disrupt your day-to-day life. You can now focus on your errands and be more productive as you are supposed to be. 

  • Boost Self-Confidence 

People with herpes may also suffer from depression or stress due to what people feel or think of them. But since the virus is eliminated from the root, how you build a social relationship with other people and with your loved one is significantly increased.

  • Sharpen Memory 

The brain fog is cleared, and your memory is perfectly refined. Thus, doing those things you love with a clear focus and improved energy.

  • Prevent Future Outbreaks 

Herpesyl tackles the root cause of the problem, so once you notice considerable changes on your skin and overall wellbeing, have the peace of mind knowing you will not suffer from the same pain and distress once more. 

Side Effects 

Herpesyl bombards you with numerous positive reviews from users. But pretty sure, you still have queries about the legitimacy of the product and the manufacturer. You might be wondering if it’s truly reliable or entails adverse effects. 

So far, there are no claims of users dealing with side effects after some days or weeks of intake. Over 3,000 have already tested and proven its safe and efficient use. There could be a probability of side effects in case you go beyond the suggested dosage amount, have an allergy to one of the ingredients, or have an underlying condition. 

Nevertheless, Herpesyl proves to be everyone’s ideal companion towards achieving a virus-free life through its highlighted features: 

  • Safe Formula 

Herpesyl is a safe formula you can always include in your diet or daily routine. It is considered a popular alternative to pharmaceutical drugs as they can initiate side effects due to the chemical components included. Even those with unstable sugar levels can use the supplement too. 

  • Premium Quality

The facility used in producing each capsule has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The company only utilizes the newest techniques and technology. They strictly adhere to hygiene and health protocols. 

  • Lab-Tested 

Dr. Peterson spent ample time researching the ingredients and figuring out their capacity. He did not integrate them out of popularity or whatsoever. The final formula has been tested to thousands of people from various locations, including Asia, Africa, and North Europe.  

Who Should Refrain from Using Herpesyl?

Just because Herpesyl is advertised as an all-natural supplement for eliminating herpes doesn’t necessarily mean you should grab a bottle as quickly as you can. It may or may not work for you. Note that even the healthiest person might not get the relief they need with this product. 

Generally, people who suffer from a certain chronic condition should not dare to try using it. The same goes for anyone under medication. It can provide you with more problems instead of assistance. 

Pregnant and nursing mothers and women who are planning to have a baby should avoid the supplement. Be sure to visit a clinic first, especially if you have an allergy, as the ingredients can worsen your condition. Children under 18 years old are renounced from taking Herpesyl as well. 

Dosage & Tips to Start

One bottle of Herpesyl contains 90 capsules. It is suggested to take 2 capsules every day before each meal along with a fresh glass of water. According to the website, you should be able to cleanse the virus and its underlying symptoms within 21 days of consistent usage. But since human bodies react to pills differently, you should keep your hopes down. 

And while the supplement doesn’t require you to integrate healthy habits, you may still want to do so to achieve peak results. Eat the right sets of food to help suppress outbreaks. Consume vegetables that are rich in antioxidants to improve your immunity and reduce inflammation. Such foods include kale, cauliflower, and tomatoes. 

Also, eat foods that are filled with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, and vitamins B & C. Cut down your intake of preservative or processed foods like candies and freezer meals. Outbreaks are also caused by alcohol consumption, so be sure to remove it from your list as well. Try to consume in moderation and opt for a less acidic beverage instead. 

Where to Buy Herpesyl and Guarantees? 

Thousands of cheap, stained, and unsafe supplement products were caught in some renowned online stores. So, to protect yourself from a scam, you should only buy Herpesyl at its official website and nowhere else. It is the only way you can ensure the quality and efficacy remains very similar.  

We have mentioned that a bottle could cost you quite a bit of money. But fortunately, the company offers a huge discount, especially on bulk acquisitions. Three packages are being offered. Choose from any of these deals based on the product’s quantity you will need. 

Package 1: One bottle worth $69 (30 days supply)

Package 2: Three bottles worth $177 or $59 per bottle (90 days supply)

Package 3: Six bottles worth $294 or $49 per bottle (180 days supply) 

There is no shipping fee when you purchase the 3 or 6 bottles package. This is ideal if you want to reduce the overall cost and want to ensure you won’t wait for another week or so for the next stock to arrive. But if you want to give the supplement a basic tryout, then go for a single bottle. The delivery charge is only minimal. 

Buying directly at the website will also offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. You have until 60 days to see if Herpesyl fits well to your need for a herpesvirus treatment. In case it has only caused further issues or not delivering any significant changes, contact the support team, and become eligible for a money refund policy. Hence, your investment is risk-free.

Conclusion: Should you go for Herpesyl?

Dealing with herpesviruses is definitely a real challenge. It could ruin even the strongest person. While there’s no definite cure as of yet, you can rely on the efficiency of Herpesyl to relieve the symptoms. 

It will help to overcome the discomfort, soreness, and stress because of the virus. It is a completely natural solution that allows users to enjoy a defame-free life forever. 

Imagine living your life to the fullest once more – being free from red sores or inflammation. You won’t have to burn out your savings for costly medications that do not actually deliver the desired results. With Herpesyl, you will be living a happier life both socially and personally. 

This is a one-time, riskless investment with its 100% money-back guarantee. 

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