Updated on November 13, 2020

When we talk about a healthy digestive tract, we can’t miss mentioning L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in our body. It has various functions, which is why we’re always supposed to have it in abundance. When you read further and know what the functions of L-Glutamine are, you’ll know the importance of having supplements containing L-Glutamine to prevent its deficiency. Here’s a list of functions that L-Glutamine fulfills.

Improves digestive functioning

The primary function of L-Glutamine is to regulate the healthy functioning of our gut. Many health conditions, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis, etc., are characterized by swelling in the intestines. L-Glutamine stimulates the production of inflammatory cytokines that prevent and reduce inflammation. Thus, people who develop food sensitivity from these conditions find much help through L-Glutamate supplements, like GI Revive Powder.

Helps in managing Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome is one of the common conditions in so many people these days. This condition can give rise to other diseases, like psoriasis and arthritis. Leaky Gut Syndrome results in ulcers in the intestine and cell injury and damage. L-Glutamate helps in fixing the problem and preventing further deterioration by healing the cells in our intestine. Our intestinal cells also depend on L-Glutamate for their energy needs.

Regulates muscle growth

There are the highest possibilities that people who work out know much about L-Glutamine with respect to its function of regulating muscle growth. In fact, L-Glutamine is one of the active ingredients in workout supplements. When we work out, our cells and tissues are put through a lot of physical stress. Our muscles require L-Glutamine in a large quantity to reduce the stress and provide our muscles with extra energy needs.

In the absence of enough L-Glutamine, our muscles energy gets depleted instead of carbs. This is called muscle wasting. However, L-Glutamine helps in preventing this from happening. Glutamine also helps in repairing cells and gives us the capability to push ourselves more when working out. Besides that, L-Glutamine helps in faster muscle recovery. Since Glutamine helps people who work out in so many ways, it is important for athletes and bodybuilders to take supplements, like GI Revive Powder on a regular basis.

Enhances athletic performance

As already discussed, L-Glutamine has various functions to perform that enhance the performance of athletes. One such function is to help in the process of detoxification. High levels of ammonia are created in our body as a result of working out. L-Glutamine helps in getting rid of the ammonia by converting it into useful compounds, like amino acids. It also enhances performance in athletes by regulating the production of T-helper cells, as a result of which immunity is boosted.

Helps in weight loss

Whether you’re suffering from diabetes or obesity as a result of diabetes, L-Glutamine can help in managing both at the same time. It does so by suppressing the level of insulin and balancing the level of glucose in our blood. With the help of this function, L-Glutamine helps in keeping a check on diabetes. It also improves the after-burn effect for people who try to lose excess weight. This is an important effect that helps in burning fat and building lean muscles.

Regulates brain health

l-Glutamate is quite popular for its anti-anxiety effect. Besides anxiety, it can also help in managing various other mental or brain-related diseases, like epilepsy, depression, alcohol dependence, and so many other problems. Most of these mental problems are also caused when the glutamine-glutamate cycle is disrupted. When we have enough glutamate in our brain, this disruption can be prevented, which makes it easier to manage and reduce the symptoms of these mental health disorders and brain diseases.

While these are only some of the well-researched benefits of L-Glutamine, it is an all-round amino acid that has many more functions that are still under the microscope of researchers. We can’t overlook the deficiency of L-Glutamate since it can cause many health problems. While L-Glutamate is found in foods, like Chinese cabbage, broccoli rabe, Asparagus, cottage cheese, etc. it is not always possible to have the needed amounts of it in our body through diet.

This is when taking supplements that contain L-Glutamine is a solution worth considering. Health supplements, like GI Revive powder, contain many other ingredients besides L-Glutamine, which help us in many ways. While these supplements are safe to take, it is always better if you talk to your doctor and see if you have a deficiency, so that you can reason taking a health supplement on a regular basis. 

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