Here Comes the Sun

Updated on March 8, 2016
Harvey D. Kart

My favorite part of the day is to wake up in the morning and watch the sun rise. After all these years, I still find it breathtaking, relaxing, and peaceful. The day is renewing with the hopes and promise of great things to come. No matter how crazy our lives are, one thing we can rely on every single day is that the sun will rise.

It also got me thinking that many of us just wait for the sun to come up in the morning just so we can get back to the madness of our everyday lives. The challenge that we all have in our personal and professional lives is that we sometimes tend to take the situation that we are in and make it like it’s a lot more important than it is. Or we try to act like our personal or professional schedules are so tight that we couldn’t barely think of having time to actually call somebody back. We couldn’t possibly have time to just take a walk or spend time with our kids. “We’re busy. I don’t have time for that meeting. I don’t have time to return your call. Or send you an email.”

Yet, it seems so crazy that in a week where we heard about bombings in different countries, flooding in some states, and tsunamis overseas…isn’t it interesting in an esoteric way, that you have the sunrise, and the high and low tides—a basic core of our being. These elements of nature never miss a beat. You can always count on them for consistency no matter how hectic life has become.

It makes you put things into perspective a little bit. We take ourselves way too serious as a people, as a society, and as a culture. For this instance, the morning I am writing this, my niece had a baby. The hospital where she is in is located just right up the street from where my office is. It’s 20 minutes from where my daughter is located. She innocently emails me asking if I wanted to go see the baby today. I emailed her back without any hesitation and said, “I don’t know. I’m really busy this morning and have so many things to do. Why don’t you plan to go yourself.” We always get caught up in what we think is important.

I’m sure you all deal with the same thing all day long in your own lives. You wonder sometimes how long does it take for that prospective client you’ve been wanting to speak to for some time to pick up the phone to return your call. Or to even spend a few minutes chatting with your employees to see how their day is going. Or having lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. We always say that we are swamped. We’re too busy for that. Does it really mean we are swamped, or that we don’t find these other things to be a priority. “I’m swamped….I’m too busy right now,” is an acceptable thing that we find that we can say to people.

I’m not singling anyone out. It’s everybody. It’s pervasive in our personal and business lives. This month, we’ve been watching in the news people putting sandbags all along the Mississippi to prevent themselves from losing everything. We see and hear all this commotion around the world with violence and wars. We’re struggling with economic problems in this country. In spite of all this happening around us, how is it that the sun rises and sets like clockwork every day. I find it amazing with all the craziness in this world that the sunrise always happens and is perfect. It’s odd to think that for some reason that the core of our very being seems to be very organized, while chaos is happening all around us. Perhaps once in awhile we should take a step back and reflect on what it means to be more dependable and reliable in our everyday lives.

Can any of you relate? Email me your thoughts at [email protected].

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