Helping a Loved One Heal After Heart Surgery

Updated on November 8, 2014

When someone close to you has any type of surgery, your automatic reaction is to help them in some way. You may send flowers, balloons, cards or other gifts, which are sure-fire ways to cheer up anyone that’s been sick, but sometimes you want to do something more. There is a lot to do when a heart patient comes home from the hospital, so if you want to help with the recovery process, here are some ideas.

Medical ID Bracelets

After surgery, the patient will need to have some kind of medical ID in case of an emergency. Dog tags or a medical card in their wallet will accomplish that, but sometimes they feel bulky or like they are in the way. To avoid this complaint, MedicAlert has come up with a cute bracelet that is perfect for a patient recovering from surgery. Their product catalog includes bracelets for men or women made of sterling silver, 14 carat gold or crystal. There are multiple styles including beaded, chains, charms, leather and pendant, so you are sure to find one that will fit the patient’s style.

Pill Fob

Having nitroglycerine medicines around for potential incidents can be a life saver. The Nitro Necklace can help your loved one keep necessary medication around all the time on a small, stylish necklace. The silver fob necklace can hold up to fifteen nitro pills and comes on a 24-inch chain. The fob is lined in plastic and is moisture proof. There also is a mini nitro pill fob that can be put on a necklace chain or keyring, which is chrome-plated brass and can hold up to seven nitro pills.

A Maid

One frustrating thing for someone recovering from surgery is the lack of ability to keep the house clean. Family or friends might help out, but it usually is not enough, which leaves the recovering patient in a dirty home or feeling like a burden and a nag. Instead of offering to do one chore, get a maid or cleaning service either as a one time thing or a service for a certain period of time. This ensures that the patient can focus on healing rather than a messy house and how all the chores are going to get done.

A Driver

For several weeks after surgery, the heart patient may not be able to drive because of chest pains, irregular heart beats, fainting or other complications. This can severely limit the patient’s independence and make it difficult to get everyday errands taken care of. You might want to hire a driver or driving service to help them go to the grocery store, bank and doctor’s appointments if you don’t have the time. Or, if possible, try to arrange a carpool or rotation with family and friends so that everything is taken care of.

There are many other thoughtful things you can do for a recovering heart surgery patient. You can do anything ranging from having a hospital bed delivered to buying books and puzzles to having groceries or prepared meals delivered. Expressing concern and helping in any way can help heart patients heal both physically and mentally. Just be sure to let the patient rest and tell you what is needed.

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