Helio Genomics Receives “Company of the Year” Award from Frost & Sullivan 

Updated on August 28, 2023

Helio Genomics, the company behind the HelioLiver Test, has been awarded “North American Company of the Year in Liver Cancer Early Detection with Liquid Biopsy” by Frost and Sullivan. 

Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award is its top honor. It recognizes the market participant that exemplifies innovation, performance, and unrivaled customer care. Before giving the award, Frost & Sullivan analysts assess: 

– How the company addresses unmet needs
– Visionary scenarios through megatrends
– Leadership focus
– Financial performance
– Best practices implementation 
– Price/performance value 
– Brand equity 
– And more

Helio’s vision centers on detecting cancer early to save lives and improve treatment options. It connects domain and operational knowledge with technology to help individuals check for cancer quickly, early, and often – giving them the best chance at not only survival, but access to curative treatment options. 

The company’s scientific team employs a multi-dimensional approach, leveraging AI and machine learning to recognize distinctive and proprietary DNA signatures. They then combine these signatures with protein biomarkers to predict cancer presence as early as Stage I, where patients still have access to curative treatment options.. 

Helio Genomics unique integration of multi-modal and multi-omics data generates deeper and richer biological insights. This can provide essential knowledge on how cancer exists and evolves, advancing precision medicine to guide diagnosis, treatment guidance, and disease monitoring. 

The flagship product, HelioLiverTM, is a multi-analyte blood test for the early detection of liver cancer. It leverages the companys novel technology platform for analyzing  cell-free DNA methylation patterns and serum protein markers to detect early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) from a simple blood draw. By being easy to use, accessible, more sensitive than traditional blood tests that only use a single marker, HelioLiver can change the dynamic of the liver cancer landscape and flip the scales from late to early diagnosis.

“Detecting cancer early is the key to defeating it,” says Helio Genomics CEO, Justin Li. “Many screening methods are inconvenient, expensive, and unclear. Our goal is to make finding cancer as easy as a simple blood draw. Every patient deserves the best possible chance at beating their disease – and thats what were giving them.”

Frost & Sullivan believes Helio is in a prime position to drive liver cancer early detection with liquid biopsy and become a leader in the LBx (liquid biopsy) market in the coming years.

“HelioLiver provides richer biological data than competing technologies, delivering greater test sensitivity and specificity,” Says Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research Analyst, Supriya Lala. “Simultaneously, by enabling early cancer detection, the test eliminates the potential need for expensive therapies and diagnostics (at late-stage detection), lowering the overall cost burden of the healthcare economy.” 

About Helio Genomics 

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Irvine, California, Helio Genomics is a cancer diagnostics technology and tests developer. The company focuses on developing and advancing cutting-edge AI-enabled technologies to detect and screen cancer at its earliest stage. To learn more, please visit https://heliogenomics.com/.

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