Healthy Tips: Common Signs And Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Updated on October 15, 2021

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It is no secret that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for all human beings. Staying fit and healthy can bring many positive changes to an individual’s life. It is no wonder individuals who enjoy a healthy lifestyle can live longer and be more productive in all aspects of their lives. 

However, it is pretty common for an individual to feel unwell once in a while. Answer this. Are you observing an unusual change in your health? You might be ignoring it, thinking it will soon go away with time. Neglecting minor illnesses might not be a big deal. For example, having a sore throat or blocked nose due to a change in weather is a common health symptom. You might even take some medications to recover from it. However, if you notice some persistent health problems, it might be a big deal that you must never overlook. There is a high possibility that your health issue might turn into some serious trouble down the road. For this reason, it is advisable to visit a doctor’s or physician’s office promptly in such cases. 

Moreover, many individuals have a passion for helping people in need and bringing significant changes in their lives. Are you one of them? You probably desire to assist those who are experiencing typical medical symptoms and improve their quality of life. Then, a career in nursing might be an ideal choice for you. 

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So are you wondering what some medical warning signs that you must never ignore are? Well, you have come to the right place. Below is the list of eight medical signs and symptoms that you must never overlook at any cost:


Due to everyday stressful life, almost every individual suffers from occasional headaches now and then. Sometimes, these headaches are because you had a hectic day at work or you forgot to drink enough water during the day. Some painkillers or good quality sleep might help you reduce your headache. However, if you notice continuous headaches accompanied by numbness and weakness, you might promptly need to see a doctor. 


The human body isn’t capable of losing weight naturally. So, either a person needs to do some workout and change their diet and eating habits to observe the weight change. Have you lost some pounds without even doing any of these things? It might be a serious health problem that requires you to get an appointment with a doctor. Some of the common signs as to why you are observing unusual weight loss may include cancer, depression, or digestive disorder. 


Fever is a common body mechanism that helps you fight infections. Every individual gets a fever now and then. Also, fever usually comes with different symptoms such as loss of appetite, chills, and sweat. However, if you notice any other symptom than these, it might be an alarming sign. For example, suppose you have a fever accompanied by shortness of breath, night sweats, or rashes. In that case, it might be a symptom of COVID-19 or early cancer detection. Also, if you have a persistent fever of 103 Fahrenheit temperature, you must report to your doctor immediately.


Sometimes, people who don’t work out usually suffer from shortness of breath when performing laborious work. And that’s completely fine; you don’t need to rush to the hospital if that’s the case with you. However, are you feeling unusual difficulty breathing when doing daily tasks, such as going up and down your stairs and taking the garbage out from your home? It might be a sign of COVID-19, asthma, collapsed lungs, pneumonia, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to get yourself checked immediately and receive proper treatment. 


Not all abdominal pains are of concern. Some light or infrequent abdominal pain might indicate irregular bowel movement, food poisoning, stomach virus, allergy, or indigestion. However, if you notice sudden severe abdominal pain, you need immediate professional medical help. Chances are it might be something serious that you should not ignore at any cost. The condition could indicate burst blood vessels, stomach holes, gallbladder stones, blockage in the intestine, or appendicitis. However, the problem of the appendix is unlikely to occur if the patient is above age 50.


Undoubtedly, in the present age, lifestyle has changed for every individual. For example, staying late at night, reduced workout hours, or feeling stressed out due to life struggles are common for every person. However, do you feel indescribable and consistent fatigue? It might be a medical warning sign, and you must not delay discussing it with your doctor. Common health problems linked with this health condition include depression, sleep apnea, anemia, diabetes, heart disease, or certain types of cancer.


Are you feeling sudden behavioral changes in your personality? Then, it would be best if you visited your doctor right away. For example, you might experience sudden confusion, making it challenging to stay focused on the tasks at hand. As a result, you can’t even form proper sentences, have slurred speech, or have dizziness. Common indications of this medical condition may include dehydration, low blood pressure, or worse, stroke. 


Anything that looks or feels changed in your genitals might also be an alarming sign. It is no secret that many people often ignore discussing these matters with doctors or getting checked because they feel shy about their private parts. However, ignoring or shying away may result in severe consequences down the road. For example, for males, an enlarged testicle or lump might indicate a cyst or hernia, or worse, cancer. Whereas, for females, nipple discharge or lump or tenderness of breast might be a sign of breast cancer.


Often, many individuals don’t pay attention to their health issues. They don’t even consider their medical warning signs alarming because they don’t like to visit the hospital. However, in reality, treating these symptoms can save patients from high medical costs and other severe medical consequences. Also, be mindful; these aren’t the only health symptoms that you must never ignore. Instead, the list goes on, and symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Having sufficient knowledge or visiting a doctor for regular check-ups can increase the survival rate. Thus, it is advisable to look for any changes in your body and treat them before it becomes a severe problem to your health. 

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