Healthy Moving 101: How To Incorporate Your Routine Into Your Move 

Updated on December 8, 2020

Conducting a move can be hassling business, especially when you consider not just the things you need to do to complete it, but also what you might be delayed in the process. These include schoolwork, some work tasks, and – especially for health enthusiasts – your fitness, health, and wellness. If you’re a fitness buff, not being able to work out for a few days because of the move can be stressful. Sure, you can use a cheat day or two. But what if you’re moving for a week? Wouldn’t that hurt for your muscles? You can also take a little bit of help from Vector Movers NJ. Turns out, not necessarily. You can actually incorporate your exercise with your move. Here’s how:

Never underestimate walking.

The thing with maintaining a fit body is that it’s not always just about the exercise – it’s about balancing physical activity with the right diet. And granted, you can maintain a diet during your move. However, just because you can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t have physical activity. You’d be surprised how many steps you’d make when you actually start filing important documents, or even securing important licensure and certification for various aspects of the move. Considering how protocol-intensive some local government offices can get, you’d find yourself easily clocking a few 10,000 steps every day and burn a few hundred calories in the process. Not only did you finish stuff for the move, you also got to get in your daily cardio!

Secure your food sources during your trip.

You’ll likely spend some time going around your new home to file documents, check out the local neighborhood, and get supplies. It’s best if you also locate relevant infrastructure and institutions such as the fire department, police stations, and hospitals for emergencies. While you’re at it, though, you might want to go on a trip to your local supermarket and see what sort of food they have in store for you. This helps you identify very early on what sorts of food these supermarkets have that can be right for your diet. And if you think they lack some things you need, you have enough time before the move to actually conduct research on alternatives.

Doing inventory can be your cardio.

One of the best tips you can get when conducting a move is to secure your inventory. This ensures you know exactly what you plan to bring to your new home, what you can sell, and even what you can throw away. Of course, this can be tedious – as you have to place almost everything you own in a list. However, all that walking can be good cardio for you. And while you’re at it, should you decide to actually start moving things around, then you may actually be able to do a bit of lifting, too. That hits two birds with one stone – you get your inventory done, and at the same time, you ensure you get the right activity for the day.

Help your movers with the heavy-lifting.

Just because you may hire movers doesn’t mean you should rely on them completely. If you want to incorporate working out into your move, you may assist them in carrying the heavier load to their trucks. For instance, if you have a big piano at home, you can help your long-distance piano movers transfer the instrument to the truck while others carry your other belongings. You may also start packing yourself and positioning them in areas in the home that are near doors. Not only does this speed up the process in moving day, but this also gives a good lifting and cardio workout with you.

Fix your schedule even after the actual move.

Part of incorporating your fitness into your move also lies in how you want to make sure the process continues after your move. You still have to settle in your new home after the move, which means you may not even get the right dose of working out. So if you know you have spare time during the moving process, try going to a gym or the local park near your home to see if there are any coaches, fitness classes, and even sports classes you can take. Securing your schedule this far allows you to take time to prepare for them, and ensure you can schedule relevant aspects of the move, like hiring your best moving company NYC. This helps you secure your moving schedule and at the same time secure your physical wellness.

Healthy Moving: Turn Your Move Into Fitness

With the above in mind, it’s interesting to see how we can transform something specific like moving into a means of helping you be healthier and more fit. Granted, not all of these are geared for long-term growth – and that’s not the point, as the points above are just there to make sure you get even a bit of work out in while you make your move. Hopefully, you’ll be able to integrate some of these activities during your move so you don’t feel as stressed and hassled about your health and wellness.

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