Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Updated on April 27, 2022
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The preparation for going away on vacation is a level of excitement that can only be topped by the actual participation in the trip itself. All of those tourist destinations and attractions require more than time and money; they need you to be filled with energy and good health to follow your itineraries and keep up with the fast pace of your family or friends enjoying these priceless moments with you. Don’t get this memorable trip started on the wrong foot by not bringing a memory foam travel pillow with you on the plane. 

Remember that the flight itself will take multiple hours in a position where you will have limited flexibility next to strangers who are also trying to get comfortable. 

Unless you are traveling with a much pricier business class airplane ticket, you will be faced with not a lot of legroom and a chair that you won’t be able to do much with to contort it into a comfortable position for the long trip ahead. 

Before you even set foot inside the airport, make sure you know the essential benefits of using a memory foam travel pillow on your next travel experience (and each one after that). 

Prevent Neck Fatigue and Pain  

Generally, you will find that neck pain is expected when you’re flying for long durations, particularly when you don’t have the opportunity to get enough rest, causing fatigue to set in and slow your momentum down during your trip. 

When your loved ones that you are traveling with are ready to zoom around this new city that you have landed in, and you are still moving in slow motion, and even worse, in actual pain, it can put you in a much less festive mood that paints day one of your travel adventure in a negative light. 

Avoid or minimize neck pain easily and effectively with a travel neck pillow. You don’t need to keep on twisting and turning in a very cramped location for comfort that feels important to establish.

Keep in mind that your airplane flight may not be the only mode of transportation you will be embarking on that lasts a long time during this particular trip.

You could just as quickly be on a long bus ride or train to a neighboring city, so along with your neck pillow, here are a few other suggestions to consider to prevent neck pain and fatigue:

  • Pain medication if necessary
  • Request for an exit row seat if you have long legs
  • Schedule your flight so that you don’t have to wake up too early and lose sleep 
  • Sleeping mask and earplugs for better rest

Maintain Proper Posture  

Spinal alignment and proper posture are key things needed for your body to maintain to remain comfortable when traveling by planes, trains, or automobiles for long-haul trips. 

Keep in mind that while you are in motion, you will have to adapt to having been given limited wiggle room to move and stretch out, making it that much harder for good spinal alignment to be achieved without a memory foam travel pillow, putting strain on your back, your head, neck, and your jaws.

A good travel neck pillow provides support by improving the posture of your back as simply as having that added layer of cushion for your head to fall asleep and not have to keep moving your body into a series of uncomfortable positions.

You may assume that just because you can fall asleep right away on a hard floor if you had to, you do not need a memory foam travel pillow. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these comfort accessories are all about just being able to fall asleep. Their added benefit comes in when you are not stuck feeling those bursts of agony afterward from not being able to have your neck appropriately positioned. 

Travel Pillows Mimic Your Bed Pillows  

If you are already accustomed to sleeping on memory foam pillows at home, you are in luck; travel pillows are also available in that same material, making it possible to mimic the comfort that your head, neck, and head are used to. 

Enjoy the ability to travel for all of those lengthy hours with pain relief for your neck, back, and head because you can have your head positioned better even when you’re seated upright instead of laying down flat. 

Memory foam pillows also offer stability against motion transfer, which otherwise could make you quite dizzy while on the airplane or as the plane takes off.

Make these benefits of a memory foam travel pillow a regular part of your plans when you go on your next long-distance journey for a more pleasurable experience. 

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