Have You Opted for a Leather Boxing Glove? Let’s Find Out How to Break in Safely

Updated on March 17, 2023
Pair of Leather Boxing Gloves

The anticipation of participating in a competitive sporting event or activity can send goosebumps. You can feel excited about the new beginnings and have done most of your preparations before you start proper training. For instance, you must have bought gloves, shoes, boxing shorts, and more. Still, those gloves on your corner table can draw your attention, egging you to try them once. You can hesitate a little despite understanding that checking its fit is necessary. Also, breaking in the gloves is crucial for various reasons.

Why should you wear a boxing glove before going to training? 

The gloves will adapt to your hand size and length, making your experience smoother and better. If you start your boxing journey with new boxing gloves straight in the gym during training, the stiffness of the equipment can cause blisters on your hands during bag punching. Also, soft and loosened glove material can protect your hands more. Due to the snug fit, you can focus on your punches and avoid unwanted injuries. Even the gloves can feel easy on your skin. So, how do you break in the leather gloves?

The dos of adapting to a leather boxing glove

Oil or leather conditioner can soften the material. So, condition your gloves a little before wearing them. When they are pliable, you can quickly put them on your hands. Make sure you add just a tiny drop of oil or conditioner. Otherwise, gloves will be slippery. Other materials will not benefit from leather conditioner, though. After this, you can wear them on your hands slowly and patiently. Let them contour your hand. You can indulge in shadowboxing or keep your gloves on to allow them to mold. Please remember to wear hand wraps under them. While these safeguard your hand and wrist from impacts, hand wraps can also prevent blistering risk caused by abrasion from the new material. 

If you have a heavy bag at home, you can work on it with your leather gloves for better conformity with your hands. Keep your punching intensity slow before increasing it. Stick to this entire process unless your gloves become comfortable.

Things you must avoid

You may have seen cinemas where boxers hit the hard surfaces to get pumped up for the fight and intimidate their opponents. You must have also seen baseball players sitting on their gloves. While it helps them, your gloves can lose structural integrity, compromising wrist support. Please avoid copying these acts if you want yourself and your boxing glove to be safe.

If you care for these little things, you can focus more on your training without hurting your hand from new gloves. Your initial days can have a smooth start. Make sure you select only the best quality product for your hand’s health. Some brands charge a higher price. Still, you can explore their options and pick something in your budget. Generally, they keep something for everyone. So the chances are high you will get a good deal. Just keep an eye! And as said, wear them before putting them to actual use.

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