Harley Medic International Launches New Medical Services


Harley Medic International has been making headline in recent months with its fast growth and excellent customer service. In this article we will go over the new services the company has launched or will be launching. We have this insight, after speaking with the company’s head of operations, Adonis Hakkim.

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Harley Medic PCR Tests

Harley Medic International has become one of the leaders in the UK’s covid-19 testing efforts. It orginally started offering COVID-19 test at its clinic in London, right at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then it has launched a further 50 clinics across the UK, in every single major city across, England, Wales and Scotland.

Some of the most popular PCR Test locations for Harley Medic are, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. 

Harley Medic International Genetic and Blood Testing

The company has recently started to offer a new service, which is a home testing service for genetic and blood tests. They offer the most extensive private blood tests on the market, through a postal finger prick testing method, with samples being sent back directly to their labs. Thy have a range of tests such as testosterone tests, thyroid test and genetic pre-dispositons tests to analyse how your lifestyle choices impact your health and how to prevent future issues. You can find their private blood tests here.

Harley Medic International Aesthetics

Harley Medic International has launched a new aesthetic clinic service across the country, offering an uber style set up to facial fillers and botox.

The main services they will be offering is lip filler, tear trough filler, and botox.

Overall Harley Medic is a highly rated company with an extensive range of services, and we are interested to see how their new services take shape and if they can keep up the momentum under the management of Adonis Hakkim.