Guide to edit professional videos for youtube

Updated on December 8, 2021

Editing in the process of video making is the final pawn that decides the outcome of a video. Having inaccurate editing can make your videos slow, boring, or mess up the storytelling. Think of editing as the icing on the cake; when done incorrectly, the presentation and taste are both sub-par. 

Before we dive into the ways to make a professional-looking video, you must know this is not an overnight process. Most editing elements take a long time to master, and you will find yourself struggling if you are a beginner. 

That being said, there are some basic rules and tips one can keep in mind to get to the end goal faster. Here are a few ways for you to master the art of editing and gain some of the best videos on the internet. 

Focus On Storytelling

Editing in its most elementary form is not just about cutting and aligning clips. It’s a way to make the most of your footage and tell a seamless story. Use the basic elements of storytelling to make the video more fluid. 

Ensure your timeline has a pre-appointed start, middle, and end. This will enable you to take the audience to a country with each video. 

The start should be strong and begin anticipation towards the rest of the video. It’s like an engine that drives the story head and helps keep the users hooked. The middle of the story gives all the information, and the ending is a combination of summarization and conclusion. 

When watching your final video, keep an eye out for elements that do not fit in chronologically, in sequence, etc., to better the viewing experience. 

Good Audio is Critical

The use of audio in video editing is twofold. One type is used to provide details – like dialogs or video over; the other is used to create a better impact – like sound design and background music. 

The use of voice on your video must remain consistent. Use the same person to narrate the video if possible. Use audio normalization while editing to ensure the audio levels are consistent on all sections. 

Use audio transitions like fade, blend, and matching to create a uniform sound. When using background music, ensure they match the mood, pace, and nature of the video. For example, using mellow music on an adventure video would offer little effect. 

Lastly, sound design is one of the most overlooked parts of video editing for youtube. These are small sounds and sound effects used across the video to highlight or enhance the action on the video. For example, adding a thumping sound when an object is placed, footsteps, or other subtle effects. 

Use Edit Elements to Increase Engagement  

This step is especially important when editing videos for youtube. An audience watching youtube videos on a phone or desktop app tends to be distracted by other video suggestions. A video that lacks engagement would quickly lose their interest. 

This is fixable by adding certain edit elements to your video. These are overlays that help keep the users hooked and understand the video better. 

Some of the most commonly used elements are text, images, shapes, animated graphics, transitions, etc. These are possible on both offline and an online video editor. These elements usually highlight the story on screen. 

For example, having reference images or using bold text-animated captioning is proven to help retain better attention.

Find a Consistent Style 

Brands on the internet are built based on a consistent style. This style implies that all your videos must have a similar baselines editing process. 

The music you use, colors your grade, and the thumbnails of each video should have a vivid format. This will help the users identify more of your work in the sea of suggestions on youtube. 

This consistently also helps you save a ton of time when sitting on your editing process. As the basic framework for your videos is already built, editing is faster, enabling you to put more videos consistently. 

For example, many YouTubers like to start with a sketch or introduction before placing the title intro. Such a simple format also makes the user comfortable consuming more of their work as they know exactly what to expect from each video. You can promote your video content in many ways. You can also use the power of blogging, you can always start a blogging.

One of the best ways to discover this style would be by consuming as much content in your genre of work. This will help you identify formats that work and also keep clear of over-done techniques. 

Discover a Sorting Technique

One of the most overwhelming stages of editing is arranging and organizing your footage. No matter how carefully one shoots the video, the process of finding the right files and timelines is a daunting task. 

Start by creating folders and storing your files before bringing them to the editing table. Separate them for either location, time, or use on the video. Remove any stray footage before to make the edit further effortless. 

The best practice is only to shoot what you need and plan before reaching the edit. Also, make a note of shots that you would use on the edit table at the time of shoot during long-duration projects. There are so many ways to promote your video content to reach more audiences, you can always use social media to promote your blog and  video content.

Simpler the Better

To make the most of the video editing tool, we often add too many elements to a video. This could eventually confuse your audience more than entertain them. Keep your work minimal. 

This means using limited colors, fonts, effects, and transitions. Having an exit plan right from the start can help you achieve this. Additionally, you also do not need a complex editing tool for simple work. 

For example, if you need to cut a small clip for social media, you can merely use an online platform like InVideo to make these faster. They have a few template-based options that make this process faster than ever before. 

It also helps to seek the advice of other creators in your circle. Ask them what elements they would eliminate from your videos. This process of filtration would eventually lead to the perfect edit style. 

In Closing, 

Lastly, You will need to often move away from your work to find what is wrong with it. This is true for creating all kinds of art. The legendary writer Stephin King locks his newly written books in his desk drawer for a few weeks before he can revisit them for corrections. 

This distance from your work also helps you discover fresher ideas, gain more perspective and keep your work distinct. 

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