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Updated on November 19, 2020

Here at RX Hormone medical clinic, we worry that so many people get misled by potentially dangerous websites when they look to buy injectable testosterone online. For that reason, we have put together this buying guide full of information to help you make a safe and legal purchase.

Why do I need a buying guide if I am searching for where to buy injectable testosterone for men on the internet?

Here are some of the many reasons why you need to read this guide:

  • Most websites selling testosterone online are not located in the US – that means they do not care about our laws, and you have no recourse if anything should go wrong with your purchase.
  • Buying testosterone without a prescription is against the law – your shipment faces possible confiscation, and you could be charged and prosecuted for making an illegal purchase.
  • Counterfeit testosterone injections coming into the US from other countries could contain harmful and toxic substances that could make you sick.
  • Many websites are fraudulent, leading to identity theft and loss of money.

There is no question that the best place to buy injectable testosterone is from a licensed US pharmacy. You know that the medication coming from pharmacies in this country is safe to use. 


Is Injectable Testosterone Purchased Online Safe to Use?

When you buy injectable testosterone online from an unregulated source without a doctor’s prescription, you are taking serious risks with your health. Putting aside the legal factor, which is significant in its own right, one study of 22 submitted orders of testosterone products yielded only 14 shipments. Of those, only 10 of the products contained any anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). That does not even mention if the AAS content was what was listed or if it was safe to use. 

If you buy testosterone injectable online from an unregulated source, you are likely getting a medication manufactured by international pharmacies of unknown content or quality. Many of these businesses operate in countries that rarely oversee operations or check for cleanliness or quality. 

There is also another aspect to discuss if you think that you would like to buy injectable testosterone – purpose. Why is it that you are looking to get testosterone?

If you answered to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone, please know this treatment MUST be supervised by a trained doctor who has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with hormone replacement therapy. The changing of one hormone level can lead to a snowball effect in the body, altering other hormone levels. In some instances, that could result in further health issues. Testosterone replacement therapy is only safe when medically prescribed and supervised by a hormone specialist.

Now, if you answered that you want testosterone to build muscles or enhance athletic abilities, those purposes are dangerous and illegal. When you increase testosterone levels higher than their normal state, you risk severe harm to your body. You have a greater risk of infertility, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, and loss of natural testosterone production. Heart attacks and certain blood disorders could occur.

Can I Buy Injectable Testosterone Online Legally with a Credit Card?

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to buy injectable testosterone online with credit cards from many unregulated websites. In one of our recent searches, we came across a website that seemed to be located in California as that was in their name. However, closer examination revealed that they are located offshore – although they do not say where. The only form of contact is via an online form – there is no address, phone number, fax, or email. These are the things to check when going online to a website selling hormones.

When you are looking for where to buy injectable testosterone legally, and safely, you want to ensure you have easy contact with the company:

  • Reach out to them by phone more than once. 
  • Ensure that your questions are being answered satisfactorily.
  • Double-check their location – make sure they are in the US.
  • Are your medications coming from licensed US pharmacies?
  • Do they require a prescription? This is mandatory when buying testosterone in the US.

Before buying testosterone online, check where the company is located. Look for phone numbers, addresses, and call them to ensure easy contact.

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