Guide for Adobe Premiere video editing for TikTok

Updated on October 1, 2020

TikTok app is the world’s largest and top best entertainment app worldwide. The app is designed to help users create short videos and share with friends or the public. TikTok user needs to produce high-quality videos which will attract an audience to their account. More views and likes show the quality of particular videos. However, some users buy tiktok views to boost their accounts even though the content is poor. TikTok videos and content should be appealing to viewers to build more audience. Technology has introduced new ways to make your video quality and stand out from other TikTokers.

The Adobe premiere is unique software used for video editing. Adobe Systems develop the facility, and it’s a part of the Adobe creative cloud licensing program. The software is easy and compatible with TikTok to provide the best videos.

Shooting a TikTok video

TikTok videos are preferred in vertical form though one can use a horizontal format to adjust later. Use your smartphone or camera to shoot your video. Turn the camera to get the vertical video; use the whole screen, and use the Adobe Premiere software to adjust the features. After shooting the video, select the video editor you wish (Adobe premiere). There are different types of Adobe premiere which user can opt for to edit their TikTok video.

  • On your browser, get the Adobe Premiere website and create a new project.
  • Proceed and select the options file>new, then click sequence (CTRL+N).
  • The page will display some source presets/features for the video editing process. 
  • Now click settings to set the resolution for the vertical video.
  • Once you click the setting tab, proceed to select the editing mode.
  • Now select the custom tab on the top, change the menu’s inputs, and set the vertical frame size to edit.
  • All TikTok videos are vertical (9:16). 
  • Now add the following pixels:
  • Type 1080 width
  • Type 1920 width
  • To offer pixel aspect of the ration of 1:10 though TikTok prefers 9:16.
  • Next, click the save preset on the page. 
  • Name and save the sequence setting preset “TikTok video’ and press the OK button. 
  • Select the OK button again to commence the editing on the Adobe premiere software. 

Exporting the video.

  • Now you can import video for editing by pressing file>import (CTRL+ I).
  • From the video, the list selects the video you wish to import, whether vertical or horizontal. Users can also download the video from iCloud to proceed.
  • Click on the clip and select the open button; the clip will appear now you can edit from your timeline.

Note as you edit, the video has different times for all the videos you make. TikTok videos should be short.

Exporting edited video from Adobe premiere for uploading to TikTok

  • Use the options file>export>media  or CTRL+ M
  • The Adobe premiere software might export the file in a horizontal format. Select the right design before exporting to TikTok.
  • On the page, click the tab H.264 and click the preset “match source-high Bitrate.”
  • Once you use the above steps, the exporting process is done.

Ensure to check all TikTok video rules, such as size and time, as you edit the video. Get the final video with all quality features to attract more audience to your page. TikTok only accepts some of the formats such as

  • Mp4
  • Mov
  • Mpeg 
  • 3gp
  • Avi

TikTok users can settle for the above format to create their short videos. TikTok is best and popular among many, especially the young generation. Use high quality and creative content to entertain and maintain viewers to help you rank top on the app.

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