Grubb & Ellis

Let our team focus on your real estate needs so that your team can focus on providing superior health care services at your facilities. The local Grubb & Ellis office can provide your health system with comprehensive management services as well as innovative transaction strategies. We offer experienced professionals in the field of management services, which would include facility management, lease administration, financial reporting, engineering, maintenance, purchasing  and construction oversight.

Our national purchasing agreements can help to lower the cost of your materials and supplies. Property, plant and equipment assessments can be can be performed by our service specialists, and recommendations made related to preventive and predictive maintenance. The transaction team would assist you by creating a highest and best use analysis for your existing properties, making  acquisition and dispositions recommendations, handling  tenant and lessee/lessor relations, providing  standardized lease templates and by being  available for strategic consulting sessions. Collectively we offer an experienced and trusted group of real estate advisors who would be committed to the success of your health system as well as maximizing the value of your existing assets and lowering your operating costs. Please contact me to learn a little more about Grubb & Ellis and the potential benefits that can be offered if our teams are given a chance to work together.

For more information contact:

Bartley J. Rahuba
600 Six PPG Place
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
[email protected]

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