Growing your own: from cannabis seeds to your own product

Updated on November 11, 2020

While it is possible to purchase cannabis off the street, this remains a tricky situation. You do not know the exact source of the plant, let alone the treatment and pesticides the plant received. What would make more sense? When you buy your own cannabis seeds from Zamnesia, you are able to grow the plant yourself. The advantage is clear: you know how the plant is treated and you are in control of your own produce. But how to select the right seeds?

Determining your preferred choice

When selecting the right cannabis seeds, it is important to determine what you want to have. There are many types of cannabis seeds out there, meaning it is important to select the right cannabis seeds from Zamnesia. We will dive into the types that are out there and the decisions you need to make before you end up with the product you need.

Amount of THC present

THC is the psychoactive substance present in the cannabis. When consuming cannabis, this substance will get you to a ‘high’. Although some like it, there is also a broad range of people that prefer a medium or low ‘high’ feeling. Some people even prefer it to be limited, as they use it for medical purposes. Renowned providers of seeds provide the percentage of THC present. Compare these percentages to find the plant that suits your needs.

Your home environment

Although some plants can grow in every home environment, there could also be a need for a complete reconfiguration of your room. This starts with the size of your home: would you dedicate a room especially for growing cannabis? In that case, you can decide to purchase specialised lights that keep the room at a constant hot temperature. If you do not have a spare room, it would be better to consider a plant that can grow under normal room temperature climates.

Growing outside?

You are not necessarily limited to growing the plants inside your house. Some of the plants can also survive in outside environments, depending on the climate you live in. On average, these plants do provide a lower yield than plants that are grown under controlled environments inside. However, if you have limited space, this could be the preferred option for you.

In for something new?

Besides growing cannabis seeds from Zamnesia, you can also consider growing mushrooms or truffles. These options offer a psychoactive experience and can be grown in any inside environment. Magic mushrooms are available in many shapes and sizes and can be grown in short periods of time. Mushrooms will provide you with a new and natural experience and can be nurtured more easily than cannabis. There are even special calculators on the Internet that allow you to calculate the dosage that you need if you want to experience magic mushrooms. 

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