Grand Strand Boomers

Grand Strand Boomers is a new lifestyle digital publication targeted to the active baby boomers who work, live, and play in the Grand Strand region of South Carolina. As the publisher of Western PA Hospital News and Pittsburgh Better Times, I recently fell in love with the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. As a result of several visits, I wanted to create a publication for the Baby Boomers who live in this magnificent stretch of South Carolina.

Our society is used to niches for publications, so it seemed to be a logical vehicle to create one for baby boomers. What we are hoping to do in this digital publication is tap into baby boomers with articles about careers, challenges with partners, spouses and families, homes and possessions, place in society, and a sense of self. In addition, we will talk about art, starting your own business, health and fitness, return on investments, recreation and volunteering. Grand Strand Boomers will only be published online and be updated on a daily basis. Rather than pick up a printed edition on a supermarket shelf, we hope that the easy-to-use features we designed will enhance your online reading experience, whether it’s on your Smartphone, iPad, e-Reader, or laptop.

It’s about attitude, not age!