Good Posture – A sign of confidence and good skeletal health

Updated on April 6, 2019

Imagine this! You walk into a room full of people, and they notice you for the great personality you have. And someone comes up to and says you have a fantastic posture. It will make you feel good. Similarly, picture yourself in an interview session with senior managers, answering complex questions. You start to answer smoothly and suddenly feel a burning sensation at the tip of your spine. You might manage not showing the discomfort on your face. But as you get up, your poor posture reveals it all. What could have a fantastic interview session gets limited to an average interview. All because of your lower back pain!

Over the years people who suffer from lower back pain results in having a poor posture. And while a section of people responds proactively to this and does all that it takes to heal faster, another section remains complacent. They don’t realize that lower back pain can increase manifold when left untreated. Other than leading to permanent muscle injuries, it also leads to a bad posture which is not a great thing to have.

It is vital that people today realize the significance of a good posture.  

Good posture helps you feel confident 

When you stand upright, tall and steady people know that you have a fantastic posture. It is beneficial in both social setups and corporate sectors. You can attract good career scopes and also new friends, with a fantastic posture. People are attracted to individuals with a smart posture.

You have a great personality

A great personality is like a sheet that rests on a good posture. So, when you have a proper posture, it accentuates your personality. And when your posture suffers, your personality also takes a hit. However, today there are many ways to work at it. There are life coaches and physical fitness trainers, who work in co-operation to ensure that your posture complements your personality. 

You have a great body language

Your body language sure depends on your inner grooming, your attire tastes, and the way you talk, express and carry yourself. Many people who work on their body language realize that having a good posture is the basic step. Hence, overlooking it is not a smart call if you have an excruciating lower back pain that comes in the way of your creating a charming body language. 

Your posture gives a first impression

In the corporate sector, the first impression is the last impression. When you walk steady and straight, people know that you are confident and smart. And when you walk with a sensation of pain it is visible in your persona, face, and body no matter how much you try to hide it. Your first impression is important. Hence, make sure you work on having a good posture.

It’s a feel-good factor

When you have a good posture, you feel confident. You know you can take on the world and follow your dreams. It’s a feel-good factor you would love to cherish.

These are some of the reasons to work towards having a great posture. Bodily discomforts like lower back pain might result in poor posture. You need to follow a proper lifestyle and an exercise chart to avert lower back pain. 

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