Good news, animal lovers: CBD oil can boost animal health and wellness

Updated on May 20, 2019

Almost all the research on the effects of CBD is on human health. Whether it is the cannabinoid’s ability to relieve pain and swelling, or its powers to manage anxiety, almost all studies point towards the improvement of human physical and mental health after CBD use. Rarely do we come across publications that tell us about the protective and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids on animal health. 

Animals, especially our pets, suffer from ailments very similar to our own. As they grow old, their joints become stiff and swollen. They are more likely to suffer from digestive problems and lack of appetite. Research shows that domestic cats of almost every breed are capable of feeling complex emotions and suffering from mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. Such issues often manifest as a lack of interest during mealtime and playtime. CBD products have shown promise in the treatment of chronic health problems. Australia is not far behind the other countries in publishing credible research on the benefits of CBD on animal health.

What’s the proof that CBD works to boost animal health?

A recent study from the Colorado State University shows that CBD oil is especially helpful in treating epilepsy in our canine friends. Sadly, the research on veterinary medicine is limited, and there is no cure for epilepsy in animals. Most pharmaceutical compounds available in today’s market for the treatment of seizures in animals have significant side effects, including excessive sleepiness, loss of appetite, weight loss, and loss of coordination. The CSU study shows that the administration of CBD oil to 16 dogs in the study reduced the frequency of seizures. The control group consisted of 20% of the observable population on placebo, and they were unaffected.

Another study by the Colorado State University showed that out of the 457 participating canines and their humans, 95% felt a definite improvement of their furry friends’ movements after the administration of CBD oil. They stated that they believed that the administration of CBD oil and products alleviated their pain. Moreover, 83% of the human participants of the same study also felt that CBD oil helped in reducing the anxiety level of their canine buddies. The level of the anxiolytic effect varied from moderate to significant.

Five reasons you should try CBD treatment for your pet

These are only two of the most recent studies that explore the positive effects of CBD oil and other hemp products on animal health. However, you might still be looking for some assurance before giving CBD to your pets. Here are five reasons several leading research organizations recommend CBD oil treatment for domestic animals –

1. CBD oil is completely safe

Hemp and cannabis are different. Apart from sharing the same therapeutic properties of CBD, cannabis strains might also have THC. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. Therefore, CBD-rich products, including oils, are least likely to produce the same “high” as the natural cannabis strains produce. Hemp or CBD oil has 0% to 0.3% THC, and it does not have any intoxicating effect on the feline or canine groups. Groups have conducted several studies and research for the last 30 years that showcase the therapeutic effects of CBD on the animal populace. Our favourite site for real cannabidiol info is

2. CBD can promote homeostasis

When we bring a pup or kitten home, we rarely imagine what it’d be like when they age. Just like us, they can suffer from joint problems and digestive issues in their advanced age. CBD is a natural promoter of homeostasis. The compound promotes healthy production of immune cells, protects the nervous system, boosts the digestive system and takes care of any pain in the body. Many sworn animal lovers rely on CBD oil for the treatment of chronic pain and acute stomach problems of their furry friends.

3. CBD is the answer to many ailments

Just like seizures and joint pain, CBD can take care of anxiety and depression in many pets. Whether your pooch is scared of riding the car or travelling by aeroplane, you can administer a dose of CBD to address his or her anxiety. Issues like memory problems, chronic pain, joint swelling, and nausea/vomiting respond well to the regular administration of CBD oil. The organically grown, all natural CBD oils are excellent for preserving cardiovascular health, and respiratory health of your pets. Several vets in Australia recommend the use of CBD oils to ease anxiety problems in both dogs and cats.

4. CBD is easy to administer to all animals

Are you tired of hiding pills in cheese? Does your cat sniff out medicine from his or her wet food? Is it always a struggle to give your cat or dog their prescribed pain meds? Then you need to try CBD oil. You can get CBD oil and other products for animals that have no added flavour or smell. It is next to impossible for the smartest of the pets to sniff out CBD oil from their food. Moreover, you can always put a tiny drop on their paw or ear so they can lick it off all by themselves.

5. You can find high-quality CBD products for your animals online

Now it is super easy to shop for CBD oils and CBD-rich chewable for your pooches online. Always ensure that you buy the products from a reputed seller who guarantees organic, and all-natural, (GMO-free) CBD-rich oils fit for animal consumption. The CBD oils for animals is different from the ones human beings use. The concentration typically varies depending on the brand. You need to speak to your vet before giving your pet CBD products. He or she can help you find the right dose. 

The all-natural CBD rich oils are almost always readily available online. Since they have little to no side effects, these products are ideal for animals of all breeds and ages. Whether you take care of a retired horse or an aging dog, CBD can help you restore his or her mobility, improve their appetite and boost their confidence. CBD-infused products are the new source of hope for every pet owner, who wants to see his or her pooch run, frolic and be happy once again! 

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